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Pandya Store Written Update 5th May 2023: Today’s Episode


Hello, readers and viewers here we are again to give you the latest written update to entertain you and today we are going to talk about PANDYA STORE today’s episode 5 May 2023. The episode starts with the scene where Shivank asks where is Rimjhim and says he thought that she is Rimjhim. Dhara runs to the resort and opens the veil of the Bride everyone gets shocked to see Shweta. Dhara slaps Shweta. Prena and Shivank come running. Gautam asks Shivank did you get married to Prena. Krish holds Prena when Prena faints. Dhara says to Shivank what was he doing at the temple. You cheat all the members and broke the trust. Shweta laughs and says I become Shweta Pandya now.

Pandya Store Written Update 5th May 2023

Dhara says to Shivank that he became Shweta’s slave but he will never get Prena ever. Suman slaps Shivank but Shivanks says that he also doesn’t know what is happening and even he loves Rimjhim a lot and also thinks that he is marrying Rimjhim. Shivanks accused Dhara that she is the root of all these problems. Dhara says don’t act.

Pandya Store written episode update

He says such a big lie, did you take Krish’s name or see my face, I reached the temple, I didn’t know you will do this. Dhara asks him what he was doing in Krish’s room and he answers that he had to use the washroom and also asks him to use his room washroom and he also says yes.

Shivank put blamed Dhara for this unwanted marriage happened because of her if she had doubts about Shweta so she can tell us but she did not told anything about Shweta and all about her plans. Rishita says Dhara Bhabhi call us to tell us this but we can’t hear properly due to disconnection. Shivanks asks about Rhimjhim to Shweta.

Shweta Shweta says maybe she has run away with some other guy. Suman Scold Dhara putting the blame on Shivank after being defeated by Shweta. Every Pandya Store family members admit also the mistake of not checking out the bride and groom. Then they are asks each other how another couple reached there then Everyone looks at Dhara when she says that she got that other couple. Follow us for more latest updates and news and stay with the social telecast.


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