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Pandya Store Written Update: Shiva Tries Hard To Save The Store 3rd July 2021


In the latest episode of Pandiya Store, we will watch that the officers stop Shiva and tell him that their bike got punctured. He then asks him for a lift. Anita says that I was pondering that to convince them but they are returning. She says I have to prepare another plan to enter the Pandiya house. Prafulla goes to pack their stuff. Shiva drops the officers to the Poliebooth. Officer thanks Shiva for the lift and asks where they are heading up to. Shiva replies that lately we got married. The police officers get out of the car and just then Ravi makes fun of Shiva.

Pandya Store Written Update: Shiva Tries Hard To Save The Store 3rd July 2021

Shiva says I am afraid of you instead of the Police officer. Krish also cracks another joke. Dhara asks him to pack Dev’s stuff. She says she never touched this stick. Just then Raavi asks Shiva to open the lock. Shiva brings a stone to break the lock and they all enter Pandiya house. Shiva says when it comes to shop I will protect it anyhow. Raavi gives her blessing to him. Shiva leaves to meet the lawyer while Dhara asks Krish if arranged the car yet, Krish nods yes.

Dhara further says that Rishita is coming along with us to Somnath. Shiva there goes to Harshit, he asks him that his family disowned him. Shiva asks him to assist him in saving the store. He says I am just an ordinary servant in the store so get the paper ready and I will get it signed by my brothers. A man if Pandiya store is going to seal by tomorrow. Shive hears the words and goes to the man. He tells him that he got the wrong information the store will continue. Kaka shows Shiva the legal notice.

Kaka says the store will be sealed by tomorrow, Shiva says it will never happen. Shiva remembers Gautam’s words and Kaka also remind the good old days. They both get emotional. Just the Raavi comes there to give them form at the same time she hears some noises. She follows the noise but Shiva stops her and says it is me. Raavi asks I thought it was a thief. She asks who enters his own house by the window. Tune in to Star Plus at 11 PM and watch the complete episode. Stay tuned with Social Telecast for more information regarding Pandiya Store Written Update.


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