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Pastor Kevin Smith Car Accident Video: Jamaican Cult Leader Dies After Car Crash Cause Of Death


A piece of shocking news is coming forward where it is reported that the controversial pastor Kevin Smith has died. The news has shocked his well-wishers who were not expecting him to leave the world this sooner. Kevin Smith who once was accused of leading a Jamaican ‘cult’ was involved in a tragic car accident. The crash was so horrifying that it resulted in the pastor dying at the scene. Now, people have been searching for Kevin Smith and what happened to him that caused his death. Here’s everything we know about it.

Pastor Kevin Smith Car Accident Video: Jamaican Cult Leader Dies After Car Crash Cause Of Death

Ricardo Brooks took to Twitter to share the news. He wrote that the preliminary reports are coming forward where it is said that an embattled pastor of the Pathways International Ministries, Kevin Smith, died after meeting with a major accident. The tragic car crash took place in Bog Walk, St. Catherine. Besides, Ricardo also added that the reports indicate that a policeman may also have died in the said accident. Mr Brooks posted another tweet where he confirmed the death of the pastor. As per the sources, Kevin Smith was one of two people who died in the accident.

Who Was Pastor Kevin Smith?

On Monday, October 25, in St. Catherine. police were reportedly escorting Kevin from Montego Bay to Kingston. It is said that the incident happened during the escort. While it is also being stated that the pastor along with three other members of the police was immediately taken to hospital after the terrifying car crash. Despite getting proper treatment, the medical staff couldn’t save two people lives as they passed away. One of the two people included Kevin Smith while another one was assumed to be the police officer. Senior Superintendent of Police Stephanie Lindsay shared some information.

The senior Superintendent said that in the double murder case investigation, two suspects were involved. He added that they were taken to Kingston in two vehicles and was being escorted by police officers. He shared that they heard a crashing sound and realized that the other vehicle overturned. Talking about Kevin Smith, he believed in human sacrifice and was an accused Jamaican cult leader. It was stated that Smith was taken into custody earlier in the month after the ritualistic killing of two of his followers. The police have gotten tips about the pastor’s involvement in the horrific killing. Now, this sudden car crash resulted in the pastor dying before any further procedure of the said case.


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