Home Entertainment Pedro Tello Rodriguez Jr Allegedly Shot Two Woodlands Elite Cheerleaders

Pedro Tello Rodriguez Jr Allegedly Shot Two Woodlands Elite Cheerleaders


There is a shocking piece of news coming forward related to the gunshot in that two cheerleaders, Payton and Roth were injured seriously and this news creates a buzz on the internet. This news is running on the top of the internet and social media platforms and attracts the interest of many people or netizens who are now curious to know more about this gunshot incident. There are many people who are praying for their good health condition. In this article, we shared what happened to both of them, the reason behind this incident, and many more related to this incident in this article.

This news is running on the internet as the latest shooting apparently sparked by someone showing up at the wrong place in recent days in the United States. This news is rapidly gaining huge attention and popularity on the internet and social media pages where many users are sharing their reactions to this incident by commenting or posting on the internet.

Pedro Tello Rodriguez Jr Shot Cheerleaders

Pedro Tello Rodriguez Jr Shot Cheerleaders

According to the news and information, two cheerleaders were shot by a man and this incident took place in a supermarket car parking lot in Texas on Tuesday early 18 April 2023. One of the victims shared that she mistakenly got in his car and sometimes later individuals start firing at them. Pedro Tello Rodriguez was arrested and charged with engaging in deadly conduct and a third-degree felony.

Who Is Pedro Tello Rodriguez Jr?

Pedro Tello Rodriguez Jr

Currently, the online court records didn’t list any lawyer for him. He is 25 years old and currently arrested and charged with the shooting. As per the reports, a witness shared that the shooter ran away from the incident after the attack and authorities are searching for the suspect.

Both girls are members of the Woodlands Elite Cheer Company and pick up their carpools. The cheerleaders were injured seriously and immediately rushed to the nearby hospital and currently getting treatment for their injuries. Roth was injured seriously by a gunshot and getting treatment for her injury in the hospital.

On the other hand, Payton Washinton who is 18 years old was also shot in her leg and back and getting treatment for her injury. The authorities began their investigations but currently not much information has been shared related to this incident. Investigators are searching for more shreds of evidence and looked at CCTV video of the parking and this investigation is ongoing. Stay connected to socialtelecast.com to read more articles on the latest news of the daily world.


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