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Peeragarhi Fire News Today: Fire Breaks Out At Godown in Peeragarhi Chowk Check Images Videos 8th August 2021


A very terrible accident is coming in front of the people, which is from the Peeragarhi area of ​​Delhi, where it is being told that there is a huge fire. In which the news of a lot of damage is being heard, which has created havoc among the people and everyone wants to know what is the reason for the fire. A video of the accident is coming in front of the people, in which you can see what has happened and whether people have lost their lives or not, so check the comprehensive details below.

Peeragarhi fire news

As almost everyone knows that Peeragarhi area is also known as the factory area and it can be a one-off loss. Because if a terrible accident takes place then there is a lot of fear of damage to the other factory also because fire is such a thing, which can burn anyone to ashes and it can cause heavy damage which can be quite catastrophic. So to know what is the story behind the accident, see the information given below because a lot of news is coming out.

As per the exclusive reports, It is being told that the chemical factory has been badly damaged due to the fire as the growing fire took a frightening form and burnt everything to ashes. The site of the incident has been blocked so that, no one can pass through it as anything can happen due to the fire and the safety of the people comes first. A call was made to the fire brigade to control the fire because fire extinguisher is very important before it gets worse.

As per the reports, three workers are badly injured and the rest of co-workers are safe, which is not good news at all, but the fire brigade is trying its best to control the fire. But still, the danger is averted until the fire is completely extinguished. We have mentioned all information about the incident because yet the coverage is going on and we will keep you informed as soon as the news comes out. So stay connected with us for more details, and pray to god for everyone’s safety. 


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