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Pennsylvania Javelin Coach Charged With Having $ex With 17-year-old Student


There is a Javeline coach identified as Hannah Marth who is arrested and now charged with several charges. She is the coach at a Pennsylvania School and is currently taken into custody. She is now getting too much attention and creating a buzz on the internet and many social media platforms. There are many people and netizens who are serious to know more information about this incident and raising numerous questions related to this incident, so we made an article on this topic and here we shared the complete Infomation related to this incident.

Pennsylvania javelin

As per the exclusive news and reports, he was charged with institutional sexual assault and sexual assault by a sports administrator after allegedly engaging in a sexual connection with a male student who is 17 years old at a Pennsylvania school. The Office of the Northampton County District Attorney stated that she sent a text to the victim at around 02:00 pm on 22 May 2021 and invited him to her home for making initiating sexual contact. She was arrested when the police found her as she had made sexual contact with the field and track athlete from Northampton Area High School. Scroll down and continue your reading to know more about this incident.

Pennsylvania Javelin Coach Charged

She is a javelin coach and served as the javelin coach when the student was one of the members of the field and track team. It is also coming out that she had a romantic relationship with the student in May 2021 and the teacher or student also dated together until last October. She has been charged with a second-degree felony, sexual assault by a sports official and institutional sexual assault. Currently, there is no information has been shared or available related to her personal life or the victim’s personal life. We will update the article after getting more information related to this incident.

This news is circulated on many social media platforms and runs on the top of the internet. Many users of social media expressed their reactions and shared their responses to this incident. If we talk about “Institutional sexual assault” refers especially to sexual contact between two people who are in a specific relationship. Cases on suspicion of sexual battery are also coming out in which the teachers make a bad relationship with their students.┬áStay connected with socialtelecast.com to get more articles on the latest and exciting news topics.


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