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Penthouse Season 3, Episode 11 Release Date & Time Preview Spoilers Alert


The quite popular K. Drama Penthouse season 3 has arrived along with the 11th episode in which, you will watch some incredible twists and turns that will make you amazed for sure. The main attractive part of the episode is will Su-Ryeon and Logan’s plan to bring down Ju-Dan-Tae and Seo-Jin, get successful or not. As fans have watched in the prior episode that Den-Tae was stuck in a murder case by Seo-Jin. Ms Jin has shown the video of Black Box in which, Soe-Jin could have seen easily while keeping stone on the car’s accelerator.

Penthouse Season 3 episode 11

Everything has been done by Seo-Jin however Logan and Su-Ryeon wanted to remove Dan-Tae from his way of competing with Seo-Jin. Therefore they have made a plan that helped them to get success in their plan, so due to such pending suspense Penthouse Season, 3 is bringing Episode 11 to unleash them. For escaping in the series Dan-Tae attacked Nurse. After getting their senses back Dan-Tae sees Seok-Kyung in front of him, and winders that she is the one who came to take revenge in the facility. After that, he had made her hostage and locked her in an orphanage, for torturing her mother.

In short, the episode will help Seok-Kyung to get the help back, Dan-Tae worked unbeaten in three seasons of Penthouse. Demise, Betray, and embezzlement are the part of Iceberg, the fact was that his entire identity is totally lame and false. He married Su-Ryeon so that, he can take revenge, so it indicates his disappointment which encouraged him to do such things which no one would like to do. So would it be an obstacle to being stuck in the Psychiatrist ward, so it speculated that it would be the end of Dan-Tae but the circumstances can be overturned at any moment?

In the last episode of the Penthouse season, 3 Eun-Byeol had given the medicine to her mother, which Ms Jin used to purchase for her. That medicine is not certified yet because it’s under observation period, and bad effects surrounded her properly. In the beginning, it seemed that Eun-Byeol purchased the medicine for herself, but in reality, she saved herself. But she did not get help despite giving drugs to her mother, hence, her father asks questions until when she will make herself away from this stuff. Because Seo-Jin is paying for this instead of anyone else. So watch do not miss streaming it and for more details connect with us.


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