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Pepsi Paloma Scandal: Who Raped Filipino Dancer?


Today we age going to talk about the scandal of Pepsi Paloma and this news is receiving so much attention and popularity recently and nowadays. She was a Filipino-American dancer and actress in the Philippines and is also known as an entertainer around the world. She committed suicide and passed away on 31 May 1985 and her death news is receiving a lot of attention on the internet and social media pages. She carries a large number of fans in the time of 1980s and now again she is getting popularity from some previous weekends. Let us know more about her scandal and some more information related to her in this article, so read continuously.

According to the reports and news, She was brutally raped by three men Vic Sotto, Joey de Leon, and Richie D’Horsie and they three were also famous comedians in the Philippines.

Pepsi Paloma Scandal

She shared that they raped her and a fellow actress Guada Guarin after being drugged and brought to a room at the Sulô Hotel in Quezon City. She reported a complaint against the three rapers accused of raping her. Vic’s elder brother who is also an actor threatened her to drop the charges at a gunpoint. Scroll down to know more about her death.

Who Raped Filipino Dancer?

Who Raped Filipino Dancer

She was discovered dead in her apartment in Quezon City, Philippines on 31 May 1985 and she was 18 years at the time of her death. The cause of her death was shared as she committed suicide by hanging. Her death news sparked a controversy and many of her fans and supporters claimed that was driven to commit suicide by the trauma of the rape. It is also shared that after forcing to take back her complaint, she tried several times to commit suicide but can’t commit but she was suffering a heavy depression which resulted in her death.

Her real name was Delia Duenas Smith but she was most popular as Pepsi Paloma and she was born on 17 July 1966 in Manila Philippines. He became popular as a dancer and performer at the age of 14 years and grew up in the entertainment industry. She gradually gained a large number of fans for her performance and became successful in a short time period. Her dance performance made her a sought-after performer in bars and nightclubs. She started her acting career in the film Brown Emmanuelle which was released in 1981. She also worked in many ads and one of them was “soft drink” beauties under the stage name Pepsi Paloma.


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