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Pine Leaf Boys Member Courtney Granger Cause of Death Passed Away on 19th Sep 2021


We are deeply saddened to report the shocking death news of Courtney Granger. Yes, the popular singer has reportedly passed away on September 19, 2021. Some of his close friends and family members have shared the heartbreaking news on their respective social media handles. A Twitter user going by the name Bayou Ramblers shared a picture of the singer playing the violin and expressed his sadness on his sudden demise. They added that they even played with him and Ray Abshire alongside. The user said that heaven gained another good soul and musician.

Pine Leaf Boys Member Courtney Granger

Talking about his death, it is coming forward that Granger died due to a blood clot. Besides, he was reportedly diagnosed with multiple diseases and was suffering from the illness as well. The sickness has affected his health and for the past few months, it kept deteriorating. However, it is not confirmed if it is the actual cause of death or not. The information is gained by various online sources that state that blood clot was the reason behind his untimely death. Following the news of Courtney’s death, social media was flooded with tributes and condolences as no one could believe the fact that the singer has left the world.

Answering who was Courtney Granger, besides being a vocalist, was also a guitarist. He was popular for his work with Cajun and Creole band named “Pine Leaf Boys”. Even today. the people remember him for his exceptional work with the band. It has helped the vocalist to gain immense popularity within a short amount of time. Courtney’s melodious voice used to mesmerize the listeners. After getting recognition, the singer got active on his social media handle as it was the best way to keep in touch with his die-hard followers.

Apart from being a vocalist and guitarist, Courtney also played the Violin well. Undoubtedly, the singer was multitalented and perfected so many things in his life. Unfortunately, he had to die earlier than his fans had imagined. It was reported that Granger was on dialysis as his kidney was not functioning properly. The treatment was to remove the waste particles formed inside his blood due to the kidney malfunction. It was expected that his blood will clot due to the presence of those waste particles. Despite getting the best treatment, Granger’s life couldn’t get saved as he reported;y passed away due to a blood clot. Other than the mentioned info, no other data is available of the singer as of now.


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