Home Entertainment Pinjara Khubsurti Ka 14th July 2021 Episode: Omkar Refuses Mayura’s Proposal

Pinjara Khubsurti Ka 14th July 2021 Episode: Omkar Refuses Mayura’s Proposal


Mayura begins the latest episode of Pinjara Khubsurti Ka as she enters the classroom in full traditional attire. Omkar’s friends tease him saying Mayura charged her completely because of him. He gets annoyed and sits up. Mayura notices. She asks him to remain seated as she is not going to sit beside him since he doesn’t like her. Omkar was about to say something but Mayura asks him to stay silent. She gives him a note in which he was asked to give his answer in the evening.

Pinjara Khubsurti Ka

In the next scene, Ishaan meets Mayura and asks her about the birthday preparations. She tells him that she only wants Omkar’s broken heart as a present and nothing else. They talk while walking. Meanwhile, Mayura trips and was about to fall when Omkar saves her. Ishaan thinks that Omkar made Mayura fall and lashes out at him. Mayura asks him to relax as he didn’t do anything but saved her instead. Later, Ishaan tells Mayura that she acts well as he didn’t find out if she was actually lost in his eyes for some seconds. She asks Ishaan if he out of his mind as she can never even imagine that.

Later, Ishaan gets a call from his mother. The scene changes and Mayura is seen waiting for Omkar. She thinks that it is the first time when he is waiting for a guy. Then, Omkar comes. As soon as Omkar arrives, Mayura holds his hand softly and tells him that she has been eagerly waiting for his reply. She asks him if he will come to her birthday party and will he accept her now. Omkar tells her that he will not attend her party as his answer is no. Mayura gets shocked and asks if he still thinks that she is pretending to be in love with him.

Omkar shakes his head and says that she could be feeling something for him but he is not here to fall in love but to study. Mayura begins to cry and tells him that from now she won’t bother him. Later, in the class omkar sees that the classmates are trying to wake Mayura up. He asks what has happened to her. They tell him that she has consumed plenty of sleeping pills and has gotten unconscious. Omkar calls an ambulance. Ishaan asks him not to as she belongs to a political family and it might ruin her image in public.


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