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Popular American Vlogger Was Hank Green Arrested for Stealing a Lemur?


Popular American Vlogger, singer, and producer Hank Green, is lately buzzing and creating a massive stir because of a report. Well, the report claims that the popular Vlogger was arrested by police officials for stealing a Lemur. Yes, you all heard it right, the report has stated that the popular vlogger stole a Lemur. Well, this report is somewhat true, but this incident is actually from the past. Hank is currently 42 years old and this incident happened when Hank was a teen of 16 years.

Hank green

Hank Green stole a Lemur from a Zoo in Florida when he was just 16 years. Hank Green stole that Lemur and kept it with him. Yeah, you all saw that right, Hank really stole a Lemur, but it happened when he was 16 years old. This incident didn’t happen currently. Many of the netizens had assumed that Hank committed this crime in recent times, so we would like to clarify that this is a very old happening. According to the real reports, This incident happened back in the year 1996.

Hank Green is a popular Vlogger, singer, and a popular social media star. He was born on 5 May 1980. He has been one of the most popular stars on Youtube in the United States of America. People love and adore him and the content that he publishes on his channel. His videos are always flooded with a massive amount and love and appreciation from all his fans and admirers. His Vlogs are super popular in America and people can’t wait to watch his new vlogs, he also never leaves a chance to disappoint his loyal fans and admirers and viewers. His Vlogs are one of the most loved and adored Vlogs in America. His videos are always flooded with amazing and lovely¬† comments from all his fans and admirers.

Well, by now you all know that this incident happened way too long back. So there is no need to believe the reports which claimed that this happened in recent times. Although the popular Youtube Star Hank Green has not confirmed this report, he has not released any statement on these reports of him stealing a Lemur from the Florida Zoo in the year 1996 when he was 16. All his fans and admirers are eagerly waiting to see his comments on this report about, which floating all over social media and creating a massive stir. For all the latest national and international updates, news and information stay tuned with us.


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