Home Entertainment Pregnant Wife and Husband Killed in Queensland Air Craft Crash CCTV Footage

Pregnant Wife and Husband Killed in Queensland Air Craft Crash CCTV Footage


Again a heartbreaking incident is surfacing on the internet which took place in PROSERPINE, QUEENSLAND on Sunday, April 2. A young couple Rhiley Kuhurt and Maree got killed in a plane crash. The tragic thing is that the couple was expecting a child soon. The couple was expecting their first child. These moments are very heavy for friends and loved ones. The family is in great turmoil with the loss of bush pilot Rhiley Kuhrt and his wife Maree, who was 27 weeks pregnant. It has been found in the reports that the couple was married six months ago only.

Pregnant Wife and Husband Killed in Queensland

Kuhrt who has been confirmed as the son of a police officer left the cattle station, Natal Downs, south of charters Towers in rural Queensland on Sunday with his wife Maree who was expecting a child in the month of June. The young couple could not arrive at their destination at Lakeside Airport, in Prosperine. The duo was boarded on a Piper Cherokee plane which got crashed in the Clarke Ranges, west of Prospine.

Pregnant Wife and Husband Killed in Queensland

Authorities were prompted to an extensive search when it came to notice that a White and Green Piper Cherokee failed to arrive at Lakeside Airport. The considerable search for two days ended after finding the wreckage of the missing plane in the Clarke Ranges on Monday. It is believed that they were going for a medical appointment at the Prosperine Hospital when their plane got vanished.

It has been discovered that the landing of the plane was overdue at around 5.30 pm, according to Courier Mail. The Air Traffic Control got alarmed at around 6.30 pm and reported to the concerned authorities. Afterward, the large-scale aerial search started till Monday morning. After the extensive search which was coordinated by Australian Maritime Safety Authority(AMSA) and RACQ CQ Rescue. It remained unclear what happened to the plane which led to the crash.

This family and friends are totally devasted after receiving the news. The loved ones are posting such emotional posts that a wave of emptiness is spreading by this heartbreaking news. The people are shocked by the untimely death of a young couple. people are sending their condolences to the family and praying for the sweet couple. We witness so many times these hurtful incidents which cause great emotional turmoil. In this article, we have shared the whole information to our best. We are always there for you for recent updates. stay tuned.


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