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Who Is Princess Zoee Marie Andromeda Love? Convicted Male Rapist Transferred To Women’s Jail


Recently, Princess Zoee Marie Andromeda Love is remaining the hot topic as the concerned department allowed the princess to send to a girl’s jail on 1st January 2021. Now everyone is paying attention to get the comprehensive details, because whenever someone trends on social media no matter it is positive or negative but always these issues bring the high curiosity of those who want to get each and everything. Many reports are claiming the different story behind the case, which set the buzz as well. Therefore, everyone is looking forward to making themselves familiarized with such vital information.

Who Is Princess Zoee Marie Andromeda Love? Convicted Male Rapist Transferred To Girls’ Jail

As per the exclusive reports, Princess Zoee Marie Andromeda’s love, prior shifted to Pastime Bingham, had taken into custody for allegedly rapping a 12-years-old girl. After spending plenty of time behind the bard he recognized himself as a girl and was booked into Washington corrections heart for girls. The case was a bit tricky for every one female because first, he raped a 12-years-old girl, and later, he identified himself as a girl and was urged to shift to the female jail. As soon as the news took place and users got acquainted their strange reaction come out as the case is beyond their expectations.

Who is Princess Zoee Marie Andromeda Love?

When the accident occurred with a 12-years-old girl, police has released a statement that a culprit has been detained by the concerned department and the victim is under the hand of the medical team. But later, when he spent many years in the male jail, and suddenly realize that he is a female and requested to shift to the female jail, ever since the users heard the news, their strange reaction popped out because how could it be possible that first, someone rapped the girl, and later pronounced himself as a girl.

If the reports are to be believed, so the officer who made the culprit detained and sent behind the bar did not say anything further, regarding the case which is a bit shocking because he knows everything, about his activities and those circumstances which he faced. Even no statement has come to the fore, from the side of his close ones, we have mentioned such details here but still, a few pieces of information are taking place. So unless the genuine details arrive we can not say anything on the case, so stay connected with us to know more.


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