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Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 14th July 2021 Written Episode: Dwarka Gets Angry at Ahilya and Warns Her


The latest episode of Punyashlok Ahilya Bai will bring happiness to Malwa and as you all know that Malhar has come back after defeating Nizam. Now in tonight’s episode, you will watch, Dwarka and everyone in the palace is happy they sit in front of Malhar and asks him about the war. He looks at them and tells everything that how he defeated the entire Nizam army. He tells that first he made them far from the borders then he went to Delhi with Bajirao Peshwa, he also says that even the opponent was not sitting quietly.

Punyashlok Ahilya Bai

Everyone gets curious, he further tells that the enemy sent his minister with the large numbers of deadly soldiers, he tells that how he waited for a while sitting on the banks of Yamuna River along with his entire army, but after some time he went to the other side of the bank to ruin their plans. He then tells that how Bajirao attacked them first and they started to win over Nizam’s, then they went to Delhi and hoist their flag. He tells that now Nizam won’t even think to attack again on them. Everyone gets happy and applauds him.

Ahilya gets so happy, meanwhile, Khanderao asks him that how did he do everything despite having a lack of soldiers. Malhar replies that a person has to be determined to win and planning is the most important thing to have while wars. One has to manage the army and one has to manage plans and strategy. Khanderao nods as he learnt a new chapter of responsibilities. Malhar says that one has to make and think about a new way when there is no way. He nods, Ahilya thinks of the poor family.

There in kitchen Dwarka meets Ahilya, she asks him if she stopped anywhere in between the way while going to the temple. Ahilya replies saying yes she stopped. Dwarka asks her why did she stop and whom they met there. She remains silent, Dwarka replies that she knows everything and just want to listen from her mouth. Ahilya replies “it’s good if you know everything, you must be so happy about their situation,  right? don’t worry Khanderao has listened to them and has also sent some grains to their house”. Dwarka gets shocked and asks that if she is still hiding the reality. She asks Ahilya if she is not taking Khanderao in Guruji’s way, Ahilya asks her what does she mean and wants to say. Dwarka warns her saying she won’t talk next time and will do something that Ahilya never expected before, she leaves, Ahilya thinks that what did she do? The episode ends here…


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