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Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 15th July 2021 Written Episode: Kishan Betrays Khanderao & Ahilya?


The upcoming episode will begin where Malhar meets Khanderao in “Darbar” and make him familiar with the troubles and says that family wants money. Khanderao replies he will confer all essential details but besides this interrogation requires there. Dhana Ji interrupts and says did not he faith in Guru Ji, Khanderao replies that he has faith but Gunu Ji does not recognize such people. But he keeps on saying that Gangoba checkout all documents and if something would have been fishy and they informed him.

Then Khanderao says that he could be correct somewhere because he also saw the documents, and if Hiralal sold his land so he has a right to get money. After a while, Malhar gives papers to Gunu Ji and says that all documents are as clear as a mirror and meanwhile, Gunu Ji says that Kishan is a businessman and has many lands so he can not betray them. Meantime, Ahilya thinks that why Khanderao was convinced by them easily because as far as she has concerned “Kaki” was not telling a lie.

Punyashlok Ahilya Bai Written Episode

After a while, Khanderao comes outside from the “Darbar” and meantime Dhana Ji says that he is as same as beginning years. At the same time, mentions that he saw Ahilya outside while signing him although he runs the entire kingdom, so there is no need to pay attention toward her more. Dhana Ji says this kind of counting is quite inappropriate, suddenly Ahilya asks why he shut his mouth, did he has a doubt that they were telling a lie but Khanderao asks her to focus on him.

Later, Ahilya sits quietly he asks why she is sitting like this, she replies that as per Dhana Ji’s perception that he has evidence to prove Kishan right, and he is finding evidence in Kaki’s favour. Then she says that villagers can make their work comfy because as far as she has concerned they can help them to collect the pieces of information regarding Hiralal. He agrees with her and says that before going Darbar he can prepare himself for that. Then he nods his head and at the same time, calls Gangoda and Malhar.

Then they come and he asks are they going to work, Gangoba replies yes she is going to meet new infantrymen. Meanwhile, Khanderao advises that the family is being cheated by someone sagaciously but Malhar says that sometimes which we see that not a virtual, hence, he says that he does not have any doubt on Gunu Ki but he convinces them to look out the matter at least once, and Gangoba nods her head. So do not miss to stream it on Sony at 07:30 PM and for further details connect with us.


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