Home Entertainment Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 27th July 2021: Ahilya Helps Khanderao Written Update

Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 27th July 2021: Ahilya Helps Khanderao Written Update


The upcoming episode of Punyashlok Ahilya Bai will begin where Dwarka asks Guatama is coming with them or not? Harku replies no because she wants to see a discussion in the Darbar. Meanwhile, Yamuna arrives and asks him to not go to the temple and mentions that Kishan is bringing in Darbar as a thief. Therefore Gunu Ji also coming under suspicion, but Harku asks the Yamuna to think twice before unleashing any word. At the same time, Hiralal’s family comes there and greets Malhar.

Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 27th July 2021: Ahilya Helps Khanderao Written Update

Then Gunu Ji Presents his arguments that Hiralal was a drunkard and in debt, as everyone has testified, But Gunu Ji says that maybe someone has given him false news but he had sold the land on his own wish, Khanderao says that he should see some papers. After that Khanderao says all the papers are correct Gunu Ji is surprised how he got all these, Malhar says he has no connection with this. Khanderao looks at Kishan’s papers and says that Hiraklal seems to have signed on his own.

Gangoba also sees the papers and hints to Malhar that the original paper is at Kishan’s house and he needs to get it. Then papers come from Kishan’s house and there are blood stains on them which proves that Hiralal did not sign with his approval. But when some people raise the question that it can also be someone else’s spot, then Khanderao calls Raj Vaidya to investigate. He tells them that these are bloodstains of a person, they all get worried and say that if they look at the paper properly, they will see two different fingerprints.

Then Gunu Ji says that he read and accepted the papers given by Kishan because he is a mythical broker and no investigation is made. But Kishan says that he doesn’t know anything about this, Malhar again puts a knife on his back and asks if he should tell the truth as soon as possible. Kishan swears by his children and says that Hiralal had sold this land of his own free will, then tells Gunu Ji that when Khanderao raised the matter So why didn’t he do a thorough investigation.

Later, Gunu Ji assures Malhar that this type of mistake will not happen again, he will make a decision only after all the investigations. But Gangoba refuses and decides that 1/4th of the land will be given to Hiralal from Kishan’s land. Hiralal’s family thanks them for justice. At the same time, Ahilya Praises Khanderao but he also praises her by saying that if she would not have been given him an idea of Raj Vaidya, so he could not do this. So do not miss to watch it on Sony Television at 07:30 PM and for further details connect with usĀ 


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