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Punyashlok Ahilya Bai Full 12th July 2021 Written Episode Latest Updates & Spoilers


The episode begins with, the Yamuna getting angry at a man and threatening him that if he opens his mouth and takes her name then she will do worse as not even expected. She says him to accept the punishment and tolerate everything as she is there to look his family after him and she promises him this. Dwarka comes there and overhears everything, she gets angry at him saying she took a stand for her even when no one supported her she was with her. Dwarka tells that she even tolerate the insult of herself when Gautama jibed her and she did everything just for her sake.

Punyashlok Ahilya Bai Full 12th July 2021 Written Episode Latest Updates & Spoilers

Yamuna sits on her knees saying that she did a very big mistake and she is guilty of that. Dwarka says that she has done very bad and for this, she wants to put her behind the bars but she can’t do that not just because she did cheat on her but also that people will say that I was keeping a snake in my sleeve. Dwarka says to leave the kingdom as soon as she can and go as far that no one can remember you. Just leave, she cries and apologizes saying that she is not having enough money, therefore, she steals some sacks of food for the betterment of her life, she says “Shut Up and please leave before I forget what you used to mean for me”.

She says that she made Gautama upset many times just because of her. Dwarka further says “Gautama takes care of mine just like an elder sister and what I do, I believe you and you prove me wrong”. Yamuna asks her if she ever hurt her, she says “I always server for you come rain or shine”. Yamuna asks her whom support does she has because Gautama has everyone on her side her daughter-in-law Ahilya, her son Khanderao, her husband Malhar, and even Harku but who is on your side, she says, will you take Bana in your court even she is useless, and if I go then you won’t see anyone around you to support, Yamuna adds.

She says that she was about to come to her to give a news. Dwarka asks which news, she replies that Ahilya has started her new conspiracy as she heard Ahilya talking to Khanderao and telling him to beware of everyone in the kingdom. She says that now Guruji desires to capture the throne. She requests her to keep her with herself and give her a last chance as she always serves her and this time she will do the same, meanwhile, a sound comes that covers the entire environment and brings an air of happiness, the sound is Malhar has arrived… The episode ends here.


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