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Punyashlok Ahilya Bai Today’s Latest Written Episode 16th July 2021 Spoilers


The latest episode of the show begins with, Ahilya and Khanderao going to the village to meet Hiralal’s family, they enter their meanwhile the kid they met at the pond says them to come in and tells them that they have kept this mourning ceremony of his father just because of the courage Ahilya and Khanderao gave them. Both greet the villagers, everyone gets happy seeing them and gets them a seat. Ahilya there asks the lady if everything is fine, lady nods. She further asks her if she wants anything, she replies that they have enough grains.

Punyashloka Ahilya Bai Today's Latest Written Episode 16th July 2021 Spoilers

She further says that the only thing they are scared of is this damaged roof because it can fall anytime and can ruin the grains as it is also raining. Some villagers come there and ask that boy about his father’s death. The boy makes them sit first. Khanderao asks about them, one of the men in the ceremony tells that they are Vithhal’s devotees. Those men ask that why did Heeralal did not come with them this year, Hiralaal’s son says to them to sit and pray for his dad’s soul. Ahilya asks him “did your dad used to wear Tulsi beads” he nods.

One of them says that he has not seen anyone sincere like Heeralal, he further adds that he was so honest and kind person who always be on his words, he was the man of his tongue. Ahilya says that once her dad told her that Valkari devotees have to follow many rules and that too on sharp time. The man says yes! a devotee has to be vegan and stay away from all the bad things and desires. A man says that there is no doubt that Heeralal was a nice guy like a saint.

In the last scene, you will watch, Khanderao says to Heeralal’s son that he wants to ask him something if he won’t lie. The boy replies that he will not be ashamed of telling whatever he is about to ask. He says to Khanderao that as he has heard from the people about his dad so you must be got to know that his father was a pure soul like a saint and has no greed of anything.

Khanderao tells him that Guruji has shown the papers where it is clear that the land was sold to the broker. The boy replies that the broker was just bent on pressuring his dad for a long time and his dad was not agreeing to that. Khanderao assures that he will meet that broker and get the reality out. Ahilya says that no one in the village is complaining about him, he replies that everyone is scared of him so how can they open about him he further says that the broker has troubled every family so there is no chance that people will say anything about him openly. The episode ends stay tuned to read more further updates.


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