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Punyashlok Ahilya Bai Update 4th June 2021 Written Episode: Ahilya Stuck In A Problem


The latest episode of Punyashlok Ahilya Bai begins with Gautama is showing his regret as he got failed. She meets Malhar and says that they won’t discuss over Ahilya’s education. She says Ahilya, she then says Ahilya won’t allow to continue your education as you aren’t eligible for that. They further says that you failed to give appropriate answer of the riddles. She then says that you still need to explore your wisdom to improvise yourself. She says that a woman must know about all the works related to the home.

Punyashlok Ahilya Bai Update 4th June 2021 Written Episode: Ahilya Stuck In A Problem

Ahilya thinks to leave and turns but just the she halt by Malhar. He asks her to focus and there still some time left for the questionnaire. He says that even you failed to give the answers of the quiz but still you can nail it. He encourages Ahilya to give it one more chance. But Khanderao puts an obligation in this and says that he didn’t give an extra chance to reappear in the test. Malhar says that you abandoned your test in middle. Khanderoa says that Ahilya was showing off by giving all the answers. He says that she broke the rules. In the end Malhar convinced Gautama giving another chance to Ahilya.

Khanderoa vent out his anger just because Ahilya got another chance. He says that everyone is concerned for Ahilya and no one is seeing him. Dwarka tries to console her. He says that even his father isn’t concerned for him or his studies either. Dwarka tells her that she is aware thet Malhar is giving more attention to Ahilya, but all the queens are supporting you. Dwarka again asks Khanderao to don’t misunderstand his father as he is doing everything that is favourable to him.

Renu and Gaitama there making fetching some immensely complicated questions for Ahilya. They think that this time Ahilya won’t crack it. While Ahilya is getting prepared for the riddles, Khandero comes and asks Ahilya to made Dal for him now. Ahilya tells that he has to solve this riddle first. But Khanderoa says that you meant to says I have to starve till you solve it. Ahilya says that anyone can do it for you.

Just then, Malhar comes and says that why are you becoming an obstacle for Ahilya she has to solve the quiz. But Gautama tries to provoke Khanderao and says that a perfect wife is one who managed to take care of her husband and the rest of the works at the same time. They ask Ahilya to do both the work at the same time and if you failed to this then her education is worthless. They both go from there leaving Ahilya tensed in a dilemma.


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