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Punyashlok Ahilyabai 11th June 2021 Today Latest Episode Update: Yamuna Blames Gautama


In the recent episodes of one of the most engaging television shows Punyashlok Ahilya. Gautama comes to meet Ahilya and at the same time, Renu takes leave from there. Gautama brings sweets for Ahilya. Gautama praised her and says you finally achieved your success. Gautama says that you should celebrate your victory along with sweets. She says but there is another challenge is waiting for you. Gautama says you have to conquer your husband’s heart. Gautama sobs while Ahilya consoles her. She says that Khanderao is her only son and he is quite disappointed with all of us.

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She says that she allows them to educate you against him. She says that now he isn’t talking along with me. Gautama says that it is your responsibility to keep him happy. She says that you just have to dedicate yourself like you are dedicated for your studies. She says that I know you will succeed in it with your determination. Gautama tells a lot of wise words to Ahilya regarding the household. She says that your happiness rely on your family. If the society is happy but your own house is living in grief. All your education will go in vain.

Dwaraka there is feeling headache while Yamuna is looking after her. Bana says that it happening due to Ahilya’s victory. The Yamuna blames Gautama, that the fourth question she asked was quite easy. Gautama says the question was crucial for me that is why I asked that question. She says that she answered correctly and proved herself that she can be an ideal wife. She then says that she also aware of her son and he needs such stenth and assistance. Ahilya says from now on keeping Khanderao happy will her only aim.

Dwarka says to Yamuna that she is worrying over trifles as Ahilya still has to go a long way to complete her education and we will make sure that it won’t easy for her. Dwaraka tries to provoke Khanderao by saying a woman should follow her husband but she wants to stand along with him. She further says soon you will be following her. Khanderao says her mother also starts supporting her. Malhar is swamped in tacking the attack of his enemies along with Tukoji. Enjoy the complete thrilling episode of Punyashlok Ahilya Bai on Sony Tv at 9:30 PM. Get all written episode updates here at Social Telecast.


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