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Punyashlok Ahilyabai 18th June 2021 Today’s Episode: Ahilya Chants The Shloka Wrong


The latest episode of the show begins with, Khanderao who is looking for Ahilya, he sees her practicing and memorizing all the shlokas. Khaderao laughs at her when he sees, Ahilya feels it hard to remember all the shlokas. He says that Sanskrit is vernacular and it is tough enough to keep in mind but if you practice it regularly then you will be speaking this and that too easily. She again tries to remember some therefore she starts to chant some other shlokas.

Punyashlok Ahilyabai 18th June

He puts his hands on his ears and says her to stop it. He tells her that these are not as easy as she is thinking, he reads some of the shlokas and tells that you will have to keep trying for these. Ahilya tells that she is the wife of the prince and if she reads them wrong and speaks bad Sanskrit then it won’t be a good thing for him, and if she does all this then people of kingdom will put finger on you saying that Khanderao’s wife does not know anything. He replies that these all are different problems we will talk about this later. Guruji is about to come let’s get to the class. She thanks him, he replies saying it’s okay. He leaves, Harku there seeing them and smiles. Harku goes to her and asks “do you really don’t know about the shloka”? Ahilya reads that for her and smiles.

Punyashlok Ahilyabai Latest Episode

Guruji comes and asks Khanderao if he solved the problems of maths. Khaderao says that he has done his homework, Guruji appreciates it and says to start the new lesson. Guruji asks Khanderao about new questions, Ahilya thinks of the shlokas. Lackey comes there and tells Guruji that he has been called. Guruji says Ahilya to write character string until he comes back. Guruji leaves, Khanderao comes to her to see what she is writing. Ahilya says him to let’s get friendly as she does not want to make mistakes deliberately. He sees that she is writing the wrong Varnmala.

She thinks that he will help her but he does not help. Guruji comes and asks what did she write, she worries, he asks where your mind is, you should have a focus on your study, I can’t get angry with you as it is your birthday. Guruji says them to leave as the class is over. Khanderao smiles. She gets sad, Khanderao replies with the right answer of the question to him, Guruji appreciates him saying your father is having some expectations from you. The episode ends here, stay tuned to read more episode updates.


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