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Punyashlok Ahilyabai Today’s Latest Episode 23rd June 2021 Written Updates


In Today’s episode of Punyashlok Ahilya Bai, you will watch a war between Malhar Rao and Nijam, and on the other side, Ahilya is facing problems in her studies. The episode begins with Guruji telling Ahilya that she has taken a very long time and still she does not know about it. He tells her that it’s been a week I’m teaching you Varnmala and still, you don’t know how to write if it will go like this then how much time will you take to complete your studies and how will you be educated.

Punyashlok Ahilyabai 23-6-2021

Guruji gets sad and says, perhaps there can be two things, one is I don’t know how to teach or second is you don’t want to study because if you wanted to study then you will be aware of this. Ahilya starts crying and keep her silence, Guruji says, it’s been a while I’m teaching and I never get this much angry on any student, if you were not a girl, you must have beaten and now I’m feeling that people were right girls not deserve to be educated in our society, please leave, if you want to study so practice for it alone in peace. Guruji says her to practice whatever she has been taught and warns her that if she does not learn the Varnmala till tomorrow then teaching her would be difficult and he will not teach her.

There Khanderao thinks Ahilya always supports him no matter what problem and pressure he is going through. He sees her crying, he recalls Harku’s words meanwhile Harku comes there. Ahilya runs towards her and hugs her, Ahilya tells her that she is not able to study and Guruji said that he will not teach her. Ahilya says, I’m trying my best but nothing is happening and I’m not getting the results. Harku tells her that she should keep patience and make her intentions strong towards study and if she keeps it then her dreams won’t break. Ahilya hits her bed, Khanderao comes to meet her, she wakes up and gets scared watching him. He says her not to shout and takes her with himself.

In the last scene, It’s morning, Everyone in the kingdom and palace as well prays about Nijam’s army attack. Tukoji says that they have to battle as they can’t leave Malwa because people are scared also and what about them, Dhana Ji and Gunu Ji are also not here. Bana says that she is also scared, Gautama says him not to be worried and believe in god. Khanderao asks her what will happen now. The episode ends here with this scary moment in the palace. Stay tuned to get more written episode.


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