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Punyashloka Ahilya Bai Written Episode Update 7th June 2021: Ahilya Finds The Answer


The Show Punyashlok Ahilya Bai is going through a very dramatic and interesting face and the makers are trying harder to make it more attractive to watch with all the latest twists in the show. As you all have watched that recently Ahilya loses the chance to complete her studies because she has failed in Gautama’s riddle. Now in tonight’s episode, you will watch, Ahilya thinking about her next chance and goes to the kitchen. Renu cries and prays for her. Ahilya in the kitchen says that this Daal will take some more time to be cooked and Khanderao said me to cook the pudding.

Punyashloka Ahilya Bai Written Episode Update 7th June 2021: Ahilya Finds The Answer

Renu says you have not so much time, have you got all the things to your mind. Ahilya replies No!, Renu asks her what are you thinking about, Ahilya replies that she has not cleared the first step of the exam and got failed in Gautama’s question, perhaps thinking about studies is my biggest mistake that I should not think of. Renu consoles her saying everything will be fine and starts helping her in cooking and Ahilya cries.

Ahilya cries praying so that she can win. Khanderao looks at a bowl that is dropping into water. Malhar comes and looks at the bowl, Khanderao says this time she will lose again. Suddenly Renu comes and tells everyone that Ahilya got the answer. Everyone goes to Ahilya to check what she got.

Ahilya there standing replies that she got the answer and there are four things adding them can make Krishnaval. Everyone asks her what she got. Ahilya shows them an onion, Malhar looks, Dwarka smiles and asks what are you trying to show. Ahilya nods, Gautama comes there and asks her to explain what does it mean.

Ahilya says ok, this is an onion and if chop this from the centre it looks like a shank, Malhar agrees. Ahilya looks at Gautama she says ok, then? Ahilya cuts that onion into different shapes and shows her, one Chakra then a mace, Ahilya says that it will look different every time. Gautama says yes, Ahilya cuts that again and tells that now it’s a lotus, right? Malhar gazes at her, Gautama nods yes.

Ahilya says when all these four symbols get into one it becomes Krishnaval. Dwarka looks at Gautama and says her to tell. Ahilya looks at Gautama and asks “Is my answer right”? She replies that yes, your answer is right. Malhar gets happy for her and Ahilya smiles. The episode ends here with the answer to the question that Gautama asked about what is Krishnaval? Visit us again to get all the latest episodes written updates.


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