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Quarto d’Altino, Tragic Car Accident Happened In Venice 4 People Died While Other Injured


A tragedic and horrifying car accident took place in Venice that shocked everyone. The massive mishap happened in Venice on 8th November 2021 when three cars collided in Quarto¬†d’Altino the town includes in the province of Venice. The accident was so violent that it claimed four lives. According to the latest reports mishap happened the night on Triestina state road 14 wherein 4 people lost their lives. The road is quite popular in the town as most of the youngsters go to Jesolo to spend some quality time along with family and friends in the evening. Obtain more information regarding the dreaded accident here.


Quarto d'Altino Car accident Venice latest news

The four-member who lost their lives in the car accident was a family traveling in the car. There was a man and three females stated as a father, mother, daughter. Where another car was driven by another girl It is being said that a woman was driving the car. The extreme violent collision between three cars. The car wherein the family was traveling get completely destroyed from the front. Where the people in another car were severely injured at the time. The accident was so horrible that it stunned the people who witnessed it.

The people then called the emergency service and the team rescued all the people get affected by the accident. All the badly injured people were rushed to the hospital, but the doctor gets failed to save them due to the severe injuries and declared them dead. According to the reports, the authority identified the people who were involved in the car accident. It is claimed that the woman who was driving the car was identified as Tatiana Celeina Ciobanu, who was 40 at the time of her death. Her daughter Diana Francesca Ciobanu, aged 21, and the man Francis Marita Ciobanu, aged 45. One more girl was along with the family named Jyotika Piaser, 29.

The family belongs to Jesolo Venice where Jyotika belongs to India and was currently living in Mestre. Jyotika was driving another. Another car that was also involved in the accident was being driven by a 65 years old man accompanied by two other senior citizens. However, the old people who were in the third car weren’t get much injured. They were admitted to the hospital but get discharged after some time from the emergency room. We will get back to you with unavailable information. Stay tuned with Social Telecast for more information and all the latest updates.


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