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Qurbaan Hua 25th June 2021 Written Episode: Aalekh Escapes To Execute His Conspiracy


The recent episode of Qurbaan Hua begins where Aalekh sitting in black attire and Ghazala also sitting ahead of him, meanwhile, Sahil brings a poster and shows them. Aalekh replies this s what they want because their real target is related to it and after hearing this Ghazala gets worried. Because he informs that they both are the only source through which they can take over the entire wealth of Mr. Baig. But Aalekh assures them by saying that at any cost he won’t let this happen.

Then he executes his plan in front of them by saying that no one will forget this carnival because they will become the witness of the cooing of the children. Another side, Dya is playing and at the same time Shlok arrives and she challenges him that he can not get the marks like her. Then he accepts the challenge and takes swear to fulfill it at any cost and goes to sit on the bad. Meantime, Vyas Ji arrives along with Naveli and asks them that what they are doing here.

Qurbaan Hua Written Episode

After that, Alka serves “Kheer” and meanwhile, Ghazala asks her that what she made because she gets the opportunity. Then she informs Ghazala but she decided to ruin everything and hence, she rushes to mix something into the dish. Then after getting unconscious Aalekh will execute his conspiracy. Then Godambari comes and raises a question that why Ghazala started eating before their arrival, and she makes the excuse that she was unable to bear hunger.

On the other hand, Chahat is standing meantime, turns, and sees that Naveli is feeding her forcefully with “Kheer”. Then she gets a call from Neel and informs that Aalekh was successfully escaped from the house. She gets worried and says that no matter what happens but he has to make sure that He can not come to Vyas Ji at any cost. Then Godambari is feeling unconscious and sees Ghazala and she fainted and Chahat and tries to call an ambulance so that, she can help them.

Another side, Shlok is commemorating his happiness because again he will show his capability to Dua after winning the game. Then he tries to come outside from the other door and meanwhile sees that Ghazala also coming there. After a while, Shlok reaches there and sees that everyone has fainted there but he is not mature enough, so he thinks that they are sleeping. Then he hears the sound of Ghazala and gets scared because Ghazala can scold him.


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