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Qurbaan Hua Latest 15th June 2021 Written Update: Neel Rescues Chahat From The Fire


The upcoming episode of Qurbaan Hua begins where Neel & Chahat’s hands get stuck with each other and they are trying to make them release. But their all attempts are getting failures, meanwhile, Neel wonders that how could he make food with one hand. So he will have to do something but Chahat figures out the solution and says that they both can use their hands to make the food. Once he thinks but later agrees with collaborates with her while Dua and Shlok are seeing them and gets happy.

Qurbaan Hua Latest 15th June 2021 Written Update: Neel Rescues Chahat From The Fire

Then Ghazala brings the principal into the kitchen because she wants to ruin but she gets stunned to see them working together. Meanwhile, Chahat tries to adore Neel while working and the principal criticizes Ghazala by saying that they have sorted out their problems. Spontaneously they get a glance of Principal and greet him and he also praises them and their love too. Later Ghazala talks to Sahit about her conspiracy against Neel and Chahat because they are coming close to each other.

After that, Shlok asks about Chahat and gets to know that still, they are working in the kitchen and rushes towards it to save her. But she gets fallen on the surface due to the anxiety of Smoke, another side, Ghazala tries to inflame the Principal by saying that Neel did it deliberately. Then Neels brings her outside from the kitchen and Shlok hugs her on the spot meanwhile, Dua says to Shlok that his parents have cleared all exams successfully. Then the Principal looks at them and says that they are looking happy together.

Then says that do not try to make them separate but she is too clever and says that at any cost she won’t let them get custody of them. After a while, Bhopu informs everyone that the situation has come under control so they can come inside. But at the same time, Neel looks the wound of fire on Shlok’s hand and Chahat says that they should apply for the medicine to it, before converting serious injury. Then reach the clinic and Neel waits to point them but Vyas Ji looks at the signboard and informs to nurse that his family stays here.

Then Vyas Ji arrives towards the restaurant while Neel informs Chahat that it seems that there will be a special person or prominent personality. Who will inaugurate the clinic meanwhile, Aalekh says that they should go but Neel stops Agam and urges him to chant Mantra. He starts chanting but sticks because he has forgotten that, then Vyas Ji starts chanting the mantras from the outside and they get confused. So do not forget to watch it on Zee TV at 10:00 Pm and for more updates stay connected with us.


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