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Ra Ra Sarasukku Ra Ra OTT Release Date: Where To Watch Online


Here we are back today with the latest news. Today we came to talk to you about the upcoming release date of a new Kollywood movie. The name of the movie is ‘Ra Ra Sarasukku Ra Ra’. The story tells the story of three women caught up in a random murder and their struggles to escape. The scenes are exciting and comedic. The problems caused by the prevailing callboy culture are told with humor. It will be a story full of crime, horror, thrilling action, and clichéd incidents.

Ra Ra Sarasukku Ra Ra ott release date

Ra Ra Sarasukku Ra Ra OTT Release Date

This is a Tamil movie which was released on November 3, 2023. This movie is directed by Keshav Depur and features Karthik Pamidimukkala, Gayathri Patel, Kalloori Vinoth, and Vishweshwar Akula as lead characters. This movie made only a Rs. 22 lakh box office collection in its first week. India’s Gross Box Office Collection and India’s Net Box Office Collection have not been calculated yet. When the making of this movie started, its budget was Rs. 3.5 Crores and It could not even cross that budget at the time of box office collection. This is why this movie has completely flopped. This movie could not give that much enjoyment to the public.

Ra Ra Sarasukku Ra Ra Trailer

Now let’s talk about the star casting of this movie ‘Ra Ra Sarasukku Ra Ra’ is ‘Deepika Paul, Karthik Pamidimukkala, Gayatri Patel, Gayatri Rema, Saara, Simran Raj, Kalloori Vinoth, Vishwa, Gayatri Radhakrishnan, Ravi Varma Adduri, Akshita Ashok, Katpadi Rajan, Vishweshwar Akula’ and in Crew was ‘Keshav Depur as Director and Jayalakshmi Kuppusamy as Producer’. This is a commendable effort in the genre of adult comedy in Tamil cinema. It has a rating of 3.1/5. In short, “Ra Ra Sarasukku Ra Ra” successfully presents an adult comedy with a fresh approach, and it highlights the importance of addressing sensitive issues while keeping the audience engaged.

So now people are eagerly waiting for this film to come on OTT Platform. IMDB has given this movie a rating of 7.5 out of 10. But now the creators have not confirmed the release of Ra Ra Sarasukku Ra Ra. The movie would be released digitally on Not confirmed for its users. The movie will be released digitally on a streaming platform after Coming Soon 2023. The official date of release will be updated once announced. You can also check more movies streaming on Not Confirm. That’s it for today, stay connected with us to know more such entertaining news.


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