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Rahmon Adedoyin Net Worth 2023: Why Ramon Adedoyin Arrested?


Here we are to provide all information to you about the Nigerian businessman and the hotel owner Ramon who was sentenced to death by hanging on 30 May 2023. People are curious to know about him and eager to know what crime he did so he got sentenced to death punishment by the court and what his family said about this. Please kindly drag down the page to find out about him.

Rahmon Adedoyin Net Worth

Rahmon Adedoyin Net Worth 2023

Raymond expanded name Ramon Adeyonin Rahmon is a Nigerian businessman and educationist who was sentenced to death by hanging on 30 May 2023. He is the founder and proprietor of Oduduwa University and the Polytechnic, life-life.

Rahmon Adedoyin

Rahmon Adedouin and his six staff members of the hotel were alleged and accused of the murder of a Masters’s Student and found guilty in the year 2021 and arrested when Adedoyin Timothy was found dead in his hotel but denied any allegation regarding this but the court cancels his plead of bail but provide the medical facilities of his choice to him.

Rahomon was born into the royal family of the Akui ruling house in the ancient city of lfe in Osun State. He attends his primary and secondary education at Osun State School then he graduated from the University of Ife with a Bachelor of Science in 1983 he also attended International University in California where he held a degree of Doctorate in 1966 from All Saints University of School Medicine.

As an accomplished businessman Ramon Adedoyin must have pocketed a sizable fortune. Through the sources, we get to the net worth of him estimated is around more than $29,090.88 and we can assure you he earned massive profit because of his established company, University, and also from his business.

Rahmon who is the owner of the Hilton Hotel and his six hotel employees were alleged and accused of the murder of the master’s student at the Obafemi Awolowo University identified as Timothy Adegoke.

Timothy Adgoke was found dead in Hilton Hotel in November 2021. After his death, Rahmon was arrested on suspicion of murder but he declined that Allegation that time now after a long time he and his six employees were found guilty murdering of Timothy.

In the end, the judge ruled that the prosecution established the conspiracy and unlawful killing allegations brought against Adedoyin and two of the six workers indicted with him. The judge sentenced to death two hotel employees with Ramon Adedoyin together on 30 May 2023. Stay Tuned to Social Telecast.


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