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Ralph Yarl Shooting Update: 84 Year Old Is Charged in Shooting of Black Teenager


This is depressing news we have to give you that a 16-year-old boy got shot by the culprit. He got shot last week and many people turned out for a rally and March on Sunday for him. People want justice for the boy. What happened to him and why were people doing a march for him? Is he dead or alive? We will try to give you all information and details about him which we collect with research and deep studying. To know more about this case please scroll down the page and continue to read.

Hundreds of people turned out to a rally and march on Sunday to the house where the boy got shot last week after going to the incorrect residence to pick up his younger twin siblings. The boy got shot and get injured identified as Ralph Yarl.

Who Is Ralph Yarl

Ralph Yarl is a 16-year-old boy. who went to meet his brothers at a friend’s house on the 115th floor which is a terrace. He wound up ringing the doorbell on 115th Street. the man opened the door and shot him in the head and the yarl fell to the ground. To know more keep continuing to read.

According to the officers, The call was to come to them around 10 pm. They said that officers from the Kansas City police department said that they responded at 10 pm. The witness said that she saw that a man shot him and a boy got shot and injured he tried to escape from the property but he had to inquire at the time at three separate houses before someone assisted him. Ralph Yarl went to the wrong residence to pick up his twin siblings and got shot there. Ralph Yarl is a junior school student. The 16-year-old allegedly rang the wrong doorbell and was shot twice by a white guy.

According to the reports, Authorities were able to found out the culprit. Unless a suspect is charged they must be released after 24 hours. However, it is not true that he is dead. Ralph is in undertreatment because of his injuries and waiting for his recovery. He is doing well now. Ralph Yarl’s parents, Patience Gaye fled to the United States from Liberia to avoid violence before raising a family. He has identical twin brothers. Many people demanded justice for him and they did a rally march on Sunday. Our prayers and wishes with him and to recover soon. for more updates stay with us.


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