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Resident Evil Ending Explained: Will There Be A Season 2? Details Explored


Resident Evil has become one of the most watched web shows on the giant streaming platform Netflix. The viewers were expected initially that the web show will follow the pattern of some games but this time the show is bringing dreaded zombies and mutant creatures along with a gripping story and regular twists and turns to keep the audience stuck to their screens. The thrilling plot along with the incredible performance of all the actors make it of utmost fascinating. The show is gaining huge recognization nowadays. Get more information on Resident Evil Ending Explained.

Resident Evil Ending Explained: Will There Be A Season 2? Details Explored

Well, the show is depicting the story of two different periods, in the first narrates the story of 2022 following Jade and Billie, the couple who moved to Raccoon City along with their father. Well, it is quite difficult for teenagers to settle down in an all-new city and the consequences make the life of their parents much more complicated. The father of the teenager was associated with Umbrella Corporation a pharmaceutical industry that was involved in some dark experiments. Among all the dark experiments the organization discovered the fatal T-Virus.

Resident Evil Ending Explained

The things started gets more complicated when Billie bitten by an infected dog. The series then tells the story of the two sisters when they learnt about the dark secret of the their father and tried to move heaven and earth to save Billie’s life. Later, the show covered a journey and the show reached in 2036. The condition of the world is at worse at the time due to the disastrous T-Virus. The humanity was almost to its end only some people are trying to battle. The remained humanity findthemselv between the devil and the deep blue ocean.

Well, in 2036 teenagers also be raised up and become adults. Jade are making supreme efforts to return home. However, in between all these she made some mistake due to which her research went wrong. She is associated with University Faction, a group of survivors determined to preserve history and rebuild humanity and get all the societies back they lost due to the T-Virus.

Her study of infected people called Zeroes wherein she almost lost her life. She was compelled to enter in enemy’s territory and face different factions. Both the stories cooperated with each other in an entertaining way. Any readers like to watch zombie apocalypse drama can enjoy the show on Netflix. Stay tuned with Social Telecast for more information and updates.


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