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Rikshawala ULLU Web Series All Episodes Review, Star Cast, Actress Real Name Images


Hello, the audience today we are going to all details and information about the Latest Ullu Original web series Ricksawala. This latest web series which is present on the Ullu Original platform will release on 11th April 2023. Today Rickshawala release on the OTT. All things review, cast, all episodes, and more all information related it from this we give you all. To know more about this web series please scroll down the page and continue to read.

Rikshawala ULLU Web Series

The cast starring in this series is Manvi Singh as Nisha, Jinnie Jaaz as Shikha Bhabhi, Dhiraj Kumar Rai as Kundan, and Abhinav Raj as Romli. The title of the ULLU  Original web series film is Rickshawala. This series was released today on 11th April 2023 with Episodes 1 and 2.

Rikshawala ULLU Web Series

Title Rikshawala
Language Hindi
Genre Romance, Drama
Directed by Not Known
Produced by Not Known
Types Web Series
Release date 11 April 2023
Cast Mavi Chugh Jinnie Jaaz

This web series was released in many languages on OTT including Hindi, Bhojpuri, Malayalam, Telugu, Kannada, Tamil, and English. Rickshawala has a total of 3 episodes and every episode is about 15 to 30 minutes. To know more details related to this web series scroll down the page and continue to read.

The Rickshawala web series trailer is already coming out on youtube. The trailer scene starts with Rickshawala who is sleeping and then a crying and sad girl approached him and said to her her address where she wants to reach. In the next scene, that same girl is shown and she recalls what her boyfriend says. He says to her that he hates her. She was disappointed and hurt thinking that her boyfriend leaves her for another girl and tried to suicide when Rickshawala stops her. Then he says to her that love is not something that becomes a reason to die. The girl tries again and again to suicide but Rickshawalla stops her and rescues her. The girl’s name is Nisha and she started falling for him.

Rickshawala went to Nisha’s house and A lady opens the door. He asks Nisha that is she at home. Lady replied with an attitude that she is not at home to him. The same lady later says to Nisha that it’s better to have an illiterate rich guy in life rather than a literate poor guy. Then many scenes come so fastly that Nisha’s marriage fixes by her family, and Rickshawala’s other side with bad intentions toward women. After marriage, he targets Nishas BhabhiMany scenes are shown in fast motion at the end, creating suspense among the real identities of Nisha, Rikshawala, and Nisha’s Bhabhi. Fans want to know if they can watch this series for free. stay tuned with us.


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