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RIP! Lalo Rodríguez Is Dead: Puerto Rican Salsa Singer Died At 64


A piece of shocking news is storming the internet and spreading on social media like fire. The news is related to  “Lalo” Rodríguez who is one of the most popular salsa singers known for his talent and songs loved by many salsa lovers. He had also been part of a well-known artist Eddie Palmieri’s band at a very young age. Unfortunately,  “Lalo” Rodríguez is died and is now with us. To know more about him and his death you need to read this article.

Lalo Rodríguez Is Dead Puerto Rican Salsa Singer Died

Who Was Lalo Rodríguez?

“Lalo” was born on May 1958 in Carolina, Puerto Rico and his real name was “Ubaldo Rodríguez Santos”. His father’s name was José Angel Rodríguez Burgos and his mother’s name was Magdalena Santos. He started his career as a child singer and he used to sing at festivals and events and also on radio, and television shows when he was just nine years old. After some time in his teenage, he joined Palmieri’s band as a child singer in the year 1973 when he was just 15 years old. That was the time when chose the name  “Lalo” as his stage name  After that “Lalo” also sang for Palmieri’s album “Sun of Latin Music” which won the Grammy Awards in 1976. it was the first time that Latin music won a Grammy Award.

What Happened To Lalo Rodríguez?

After being part of the band for many years “Lalo” went on to find his way to success as a solo salsa singer and produced music til the late 2000s. Along with success and being a well-known personality in the world of salsa music the salsero had also faced so many struggles in his life with drugs and alcohol and also was charged with possession of cocaine. The Latin music industry is still in shock that they lost a gem of the industry and paid tributes on social media.

As we mentioned above “Lalo” was found dead in a public housing project in the U.S. territory. “Lalo” was 64 years old at the time of his death. He died on 13 December 2022 and the cause of his death is still unknown. His family is very sad and grieving and mourning the loss and going threw with a very difficult time. His fans as very sad and showing their love on the internet. His fans are paying tributes and sending condolence to his family on Twitter and posting his picture. One of his bandmates “Palmieri” said that “I don’t need to tell you how much he has meant to me, our music and culture, and the world community”.


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