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Road Built 7000 Years Ago Found at The Bottom of The Mediterranean Sea


The Mediterranean Sea has long been a site of interest for archaeologists, with its history and ancient ruins drawing attention from scientists and enthusiasts worldwide. Recently, an incredible discovery has been made in the Mediterranean, with the discovery of a 7000-year-old road at the bottom of the sea.

Mediterranean Sea

The road was found off the coast of Turkey, near the city of Urla, in the Izmir province. The team of archaeologists and divers who made the discovery was led by Professor Mustafa Sahin from Istanbul University’s Department of Archaeology. The road was found to be approximately 4.5 kilometers (2.8 miles) long and runs along the seabed of the Mediterranean.

Road Built 7000 Years Ago Found

The discovery has been described as a significant one, with experts hailing it as a major breakthrough in the study of ancient human civilizations. Previous discoveries in the Mediterranean have been limited to the coastlines, with researchers speculating that inland regions were inundated by rising sea levels thousands of years ago. However, the discovery of this road at the bottom of the sea has proved the existence of human settlements in the area thousands of years ago.

According to Professor Sahin, the road is believed to have been built during the Chalcolithic period, also known as the Copper Age. This period is believed to have lasted from around 5500 BCE to 3000 BCE and is characterized as a time when human societies began to shift from relying on hunting and gathering to agriculture and animal domestication. The discovery of the road is significant, as it indicates that people living in the region during this period had advanced enough technology to build roads.

Professor Sahin and his team used advanced technologies to map the road at the bottom of the sea. The team used sonar imaging and underwater cameras to capture images of the road, which according to Sahin, is remarkably well-preserved. The team also collected samples of the sediment and rock found on and around the road, in the hopes of finding clues about the people who built it, and the reason for its construction.

One of the most interesting findings from the research so far is the discovery of a number of structures and artifacts along the road. According to Professor Sahin, there are several stone structures, including walls and buildings, as well as pottery fragments, baskets, and tools that have been found at the site. Here we have shared all the information about this discovery. Follow for more updates.


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