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Roadies Revolution on 21st November 2020 Today’s Episode The Tussle for Immunity is Going To Tough, Vote Out


Hello, all the folks get ready for another dynamic and deafening episode of Roadies Revolution. The show is considered as one of the favourite youth show. Roadies have become one of the most thriving and highest TRP show of the small screen due to the huge support from the youngsters. The show has raised the level of the craziness of the audience by each passing episode since it started and now, the trend of the show is on the next level. The show always makes it up to the expectations of the audience and the same is happening along with this season either.

roadies Revolution

While coming to the recent episode of the show we are watching a jaw-dropping battle is getting prepared for all the contestants. As we all know that Roadies is following a different concept wherein there are no gangs in this season. All the wannabes of the game are playing individually and representing themselves. The host of and the prominent judge of the show Ranvijay is going add a twist in the task. This twists surprise almost all the contestants. Neha and Varun also reacted on the unexpected twist of the task.

As we move to the twists according to it Ranvijay introduces a Basket Brawl game in which team Varun and team Nikhil are going to compete against team Neha and team Prince. Any of the team who will win the competition will get a full immunity of the week along with their leader will get a star. So, we all know that we cannot expect any of the tasks of Roadies. As per the rules of the task each of the leaders will include a total of seven roadies in which 3 of them will be girls. But, gang leader Neha chose Arushi’s friend Hamid in her team. This caused a dispute among the Neha team.

Well, the dispute of the weird decision begins an argument between Pratibha and Arushi. When the argument is going long and wouldn’t seem to end. Ranvijay managed to stop the argument but still, it didn’t end completely as it seems that Basket Brawl argument will turn into a mega clash. Besides, this is the 18th season of the show, catch the latest episodes of show on MTV every Saturday at 7 PM. Stay tuned with Social Telecast for more information and all the latest Roadies Revolution written episode updates.



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