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Roadies Revolution Today’s Episode 19th December 2020: King Narula Returns Check Vote Out Update


In the upcoming episode of MTV Roadies Revolution, the fans will get to see one of the leaders, Prince Narula returning on the show. Commonly known as the Reality King, Prince has left the show mid-way due to some personal problems. In Saturday’s episode, he will come back to become a part of the reality show yet again. Besides, his grand entry, other immunity tasks will be performed. The host, Ranvijay Singh will conduct a task under the title “Gong Wrong Task”. The remaining contestants will have to play hard to earn the points and the immunities further.

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This 18th season has seen many ups and downs ever since its commencement. In the beginning, the makers had to delay the show due to the pandemic. Later after some months, it got restarted again. Unlike the previous seasons, this edition doesn’t contain any gang leader to lead the participants. But following the format, now the leaders, Prince Narula, Nikhil Chinappa, Varun Sood, and Neha Dhupia are stepping ahead to create a team. So far every leader has formed three members’ team.

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Before Prince Narula, the rapper, Raftaar had also left the show due to his sudden promotions. However, his place was roped in by popular, Varun Sood. After several weeks of skipping the non-fiction show, Prince will finally appear in the latest episode. His team members, Apoorva Gole and Akash Verma along with the host and leaders will welcome him. Moving on to the upcoming task of “Mong Gong”, Ranvijay Singh will ask the contestants some basic questions of general knowledge.

While the contestants will write their answers on a card, the leader will have to guess that who among them could actually know the answer. If their guess gets correct then that particular leader will earn some points but if they failed to guess then points will not be obtained by them. Currently, the leaders who have three stars in their account are Nikhil Chinappa, Prince Narula, and Varun Sood while Neha Dhupia has only managed to collect a single star. Looking at the members of each leader’s team, Prince has Akash Verma, Apoorva Gole, and Zabi Khan.

While Poonam Shah, Abhimanyu Singh Raghav, and Aman Poddar are from Neha’s team. Michael Ajay, Shreya Kalra, and Hamid Bakrizi belong to Nikhil’s team. Jayant Yadav, Vipin Kumar, and Nisha Daundiyal are from Varun’s side. Akash, Abhimanyu, Michael, Jayant are the captains of those teams respectively. Besides, Shreya and Hamid are in news for having some special bond apart from friendship in MTV Roadies Revolution. Watch the show on Saturday at 7:30 PM to know more about the revelation.


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