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Roberto Roena Passed Away At 81 Salsa Musician Cause of Death


The renowned Salsa singer and composer, Roberto Roena, has sadly passed away at the age of 81. A spokesperson for Roberto’s family confirmed the death news as they stated that the legendary musician died on Thursday night, September 23, 2021. Ever since the news, the fans of the singer has been mourning his death. They are remembering Roena and his passion for work while sharing condolence and RIP posts. However, it is also being searched how did Roberto Roena die and what was his cause of death. Here’s what we know about it.

Roberto Roena

The 81-years-old was popular for being one of the original members of “El Gran Combo”, a renowned salsa orchestra of Puerto Rico. Besides, he had also found the orchestra “Cortijo y su Combo” along with a music group named “Roberto Roena y su Apollo Sound”. It was in 1970 when the legendary singer recorded his debut album with the leading Salsa music record label, Fania. He gained huge recognition and managed to earn a decent number of followers as well. Roberto mesmerized the listeners with his bongó for decades. He also captivated them with his unmatched salsa dance moves along with playing other percussions.

Roberto Roena Cause Of Death

Hearing about such a great personality passing is quite heartbreaking. The family’s spokesperson, Andrés Waldemar, who is also the singer of the orchestra named “Roberto Roena y su Apollo Sound”, has shared a statement regarding Roberto’s death. The spokesperson said that the Latino musician died in the arms of her two daughters named Gladys and Brenda along with Waldemar himself. The singer had just started a multi-city tour last month in the United States. Undoubtedly, the family is in deep sorrow and has been bearing the pain of losing their dear one. The family also released a statement amidst the grief.

The family stated that it was a heavy blow to his family, children, friends, grandchildren and all the people who were close to him in general. The statement added that the legendary singer taught them all so many things in life but forgot to prepare for this day when he left them all alone as they were not prepared for it. Waldemar who shared the family’s statement stated in Spanish that the world has gotten shocked after learning about Roberto Roene’s demise and that there is mourning in the music world. However, the statement did not reveal anything about the cause of death of Roberto Roena.


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