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Rohit Pratap Singh Hindu Man Dies by Suicide after Muslim Wife Forcefully Feed Him Beef in Surat


An extremely weird case ensued in Surat, Gujrat, the incident was quite horrific that even claimed the life of a young man. The incident took place in the month of June of the ongoing year when the wife and brother-in-law of a young man tortured him until he decided to end his life by committing suicide. The case earned the attention of the native law enforcement and they started their investigation. Along with that the case also received huge consideration across the city and later went viral all over social media. Get more information on Hindu Man committed suicide after his Muslim wife and brother in law forced him to consume beef.

hindu man dies by suicide

As we informed that the case ensued in the month of June when he was compelled by his wife and his brother in law. Accrding to the reports, the victim has been identified as Rohit Pratap Singh belonged to the Hindu community, however, he married to a woman belonged to a Muslim community identified as Sonam Ali. It is being reported that Singh’s wife Sonam and his brother named Akhtar Ali compelled him consume beef.

In addition to this, the duo of brother and sister threatened to kill him, a;though each time Singh refused to consume beef all the time and they both tortured him continuously. In the end, Singh decided to get rid of all this and came up with a harsh decision to end his life. But before killing himself he posted a suicide note through a notable social networking site Facebok. His suicide note gained attention after two months he committed suicide and police started their investigation on the case and found out the truth after die-hard efforts which stunned everyone.

The suicide note of Rohit Pratap Singh reads that he is leaving this world and he clearly declared that he wife Sonam Ali and Akhtar Ali are responsible for his death. He further requested all of his friends to assist him in providing justice. The note further said that he ate beef after they threatened him to kill him.

The note reads that he doesn’t deserve to live in the world anymore and he going to commit suicide. The relatives of the victim learnt about the suicide note and informed Surat Police Department. Surat Police registered complaint against suspects and further investigation will be started soon. We will get back to you with more information on the case till then stay tuned with Social Telecast.


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