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Roo Theatre Founder Gordon Streek Dies Check His Cause Of Death


Undoubtedly, death is the reality and the bitter truth of this hard life. One who is born has to die regardless of their will to live, the amount of money they own, and anything for that matter. However, it still hurts when someone close leaves us in the middle of this unimaginably painful life. Well, today we are reporting one such saddening news of someone passing away when they could have lived a little longer. Gordon Streek who was the founder of Roo Theatre Company has reportedly passed away and his death has come as a shocker to many.

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As per sources, Gordon Streek died on Sunday, October 10, 2021. Ever since the news came to light, plenty of people took to their social media accounts to pay him heartfelt tribute. Everyone is mourning his death and apart from grieving, they have also been wondering what could have happened to him that snatched his life all of a sudden. People are searching about Gordon Streek cause of death and how did he even die. Here’s what we know about his unfortunate death that has left all his close ones to mourn.

It is coming forward that Gordon was battling cancer for quite some time. He was getting treatment for the said illness in a hospital and has been trying to recover. However, despite the best attempts of the medical staff to save his life, Streek couldn’t survive. On Sunday, the pure soul departed and left a sorrowful world behind who will always remember him for his works and the kind of person he was. Indeed, it’s a sad moment for everyone who has known Gordon Streek. Besides, many people are also unaware of Gordon and have been searching about him on the internet and his personal details.

Talking about who was Gordon Streek, he was the founder of Shellharbour’s Rao Theatre Company. The personality is now being remembered as “a glorious man” after he succumbed to a short battle with cancer at the weekend. Sources claim that Streek founded the said community theatre company in 1987. He also went on to street the troupe from a Jamberoo community hall. Now, his sudden passing has left a void in everyone’s hearts who will always remember Gordon Streek in his hearts and minds. Our site also pays a sincere tribute to Gordon Streek. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the family in this hard time.


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