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Rudy Requejo-Ybarra Jr: Brittany Cook and BF Arrested After 22-month-old Son Found Brain Dead


There is a shocking piece of news coming forward related to the death of a 22-month-old son and his death news gaining too much attention because the murderer of the son is coming out as his parents. Rudy Requejo Ybarra Jr was the name of the son and he died on 17 March 2023. This news is getting huge attention on the internet and many users of social media are sharing their reactions towards this incident. Let us discuss what happened to him, the cause of his death, and some more information related to this incident in this article, so read continuously.

Rudy Requejo-Ybarra Jr

As per the exclusive news and information, His parents including his mother identified as Brittany Cook, and her boyfriend Joshua Tackett both were arrested and taken into custody after his death by the police. He took his last breath on Friday at an Omaha hospital and before his death, he was announced as brain dead on 15 March 2023. His parents were arrested on Tuesday 21 March by the Lincoln Police Department and sent to the Lancaster County Jail for the crime of child abuse. Her boyfriend was arrested on 14 March 2023 after discovering a gun in his apartment by the police and now he faces charges of child abuse and possession of a firearm by a prohibited person.

Rudy Requejo-Ybarra Jr

According to the reports, the investigation began on 12 March when the mother of the son got her son in an unconscious condition to CHI Health St Elizabeth “with numerous bruises and injuries” and doctors declared that the child is suffering from severe brain swelling and bleeding retinal hemorrhaging in both eyes, several broken ribs, injuries to his genital area and two fractures to his left tibia. The child also has many injuries on his body mostly on his face and chest. His mother also has three more children where first is 10 years old, the second is 4 years old and the third is 3 years old.

It is also shared that the son fell down the staircase at the apartment of her boyfriend which is situated near Seventh and G streets. This news is getting so much attention and running on the top of the news and internet. There are many users of social media who are also sharing their reactions to this incident and sharing their reactions against this incident. There is an investigation is also ongoing but not much information has been shared or announced by the investigators related to this incident. We will update our article after getting more news and information related to this incident.


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