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Rupay 500 Latest Ullu Web Series Release Date Full Episode Review Cast Actress Name Wiki Bio


The Ullu Platform is ready to release its new sensational web series called Rupay 500 on 15th June 2021, but the trailer has been released by the makers officially. This is creating havoc among the viewers and their curiosity has gone on the peak because they want to get a glance at it. So that, they can get the idea a bit idea about the web series because they were eagerly waiting for it, and finally, the release date has liberated by the makers and somewhere the trailer of it gives them satisfaction, so get to know more check the details below.

Rupay 500 Latest Ullu Web Series Release Date Full Episode Review Cast Actress Name Wiki Bio

The Ullu platform well-familiar among the people through its sensational and erotic web series, and recently they have released “Madhosh Diaries Good Wife” which got good responses and massively streamed by the people officially. Although the episode just had a time duration of around 20 minutes despite this uncounted people watched it at the time of release. So this time through the new web series it’s bringing the new format in which the makers cast all attractive faces, and this time episode duration also has been increased by them, so that, viewers can enjoy it more.


  • Muskan Agarwal
  • Mahi Kamla

The official trailer has been liberated by them and now everyone wants to know that what is new this time, so the trailer begins with a housemaid who is wiping the floor. Meanwhile, Someone is starring at her badly and spontaneously his wife arrives and rebukes him. In short, it’s just a small trailer and the entire web series is left to watch, so just gearing up yourself to catch it at the time of release. Numerous people have streamed it officially and desperately waiting for the officially releasing it. The series has created havoc and become the subject of discussion.

Many sensational web series has been released by the makers such as “Majboori ki raah pe Lagi izzat ki Bazi, Kishton main hogi Husn ki Saude Bazi. So just in a while, their wait is going to end because the release date is coming near, which is increasing the curiosity of the many people. But before all that you will have to purchase the subscription of it, so that, you will get the access to watch all the web-series along with this Rupay 500 series. So you can comfortably purchase it because it’s not too expensive, so purchase it if you want to watch it.


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