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Russ Dizdar, Man Of God Died Check His Cause Of Death/ Reason


The popular Evangelist Russ Dizdar has passed away on 18th October 2021, ever since the news took place everyone is surrounded by a wave of grief, because no one even imagined that their favourite human will leave them forever in such a suspicious way. Everyone is praying for his family and close ones so that, they could get enough strength to bear the pain of great loss. Uncounted people are paying tribute to him through social media because these days due to the situation of pandemic visiting can be prevented, get to know more check the details given below such as wiki-bio, net worth, Instagram, family, etc.

Russ Dizdar

As per the exclusive reports and sources, Russ Dizdar was suffering from the Lethal-disease and his health was kept deteriorating as time was passing, and his health complications were increased enough as well, which became the major cause of his death. But still, no confirmation has been reported related to his death cause, because several reports are coming so it is hard to consider one unless his close ones make any announcement, everyone is keeping their eyes on each activity of them but hitherto no confirmations have been made.

Who Was Russ Dizdar?

Russ Dizdar was a Pastor by profession, and served in plenty of Christian congregations in his life, first he joined AOF church as Pastor, and spent so many years. Approximately 30 years he has spent as a pastor, hence uncounted people considered him as “Man of God” or the “Warrior of God” He had invited as a special guest in the several Radio shows for interviews. He used to address his admirers for following the path of faith, but unfortunately, he is no longer among us, which is a matter of great sorrow that left everyone in shocked, hence our deepest condolences to the family.

If the sources are to be believed, so he has completed his studies at Cumberland College in the “Biblical Studies” for the social welfare from the University of Akron “Criminology and Military Science. Many achievements are registered in his name as well which he earned during his college days. Everyone is paying tribute to him through Twitter which became the cause of the heavy flood, because everyone is expressing their deep condolence towards the deceased and praying his close ones as well, we will also pray may his soul rest in peace.


  1. I am watching a Tribute to him by Gary Stearman of Prophecy Watchers and before that a very tearful tribute on SKYWATCHTV. I haven’t heard many of his Lectures but, I know simply by the Literal Tears being shed by 3 Adult men at SkywatchTV – Derek Gilbert, Joe Horn and Drew Graffia (which had me crying with them) that He had to have been a True, Man of God. I also found out that his Wife is “IN” or is “Nearly In” Critical Condition at the time her Husband Passed. His entire Surviving Family needs Prayer. God Bless, Kevin L Minton

  2. I am so sad to hear this great man of God has left this earth But I rejoice to know that he is in the arms of the Savior. His life has truly begun now what treasures he has to lay at the saviors feet. We will see u soon my blessed friend. Enjoy your walks with God!!

  3. I will miss you, I enjoyed listening to you. You were a great warrior of God, you were so knowledgeable. Is a shocked that you are go. RIP

  4. Praise God they were able to leave vaccine free ..
    God what are you telling us , thier ministrys are over ?? Rob And Russ who’s next ?? God talked us all ..

  5. you touched my life through your teachings. not many men of God dare put their lives and that of families on the line. May the Lord bless your wife, heal her and keep your family safe. I was in shock when I heard of your passing away. Well done man of God. Your rapture have taken place.

  6. I knew Russ personally. Friends for over 30 years. I have ministered with him and have been ministered to by him. I’ve been to his home and ate and had fellowship with him many times. I miss my friend. Please keep his wife and daughter in your prayers. I’ll see you soon brother.

  7. DEW 5g 60 ghz wifi weapons pulsated at them thru walls, via led lightbulbs, airport security gates, hotel room walls, all within 200 ft range will make you sick. These waves were just used again at US embassy in Brazil and Russia. The employees and their pet dogs in Cuba & China US embassies all got strokes, epilepsies , heart attacks, dementia and some died. The authorities blamed it on imaginary sonic boom syndrome.

    • Hi,
      You also believe he is killed by bioweapon,right. That is what comes in me ,and also people like Steve Quayle ,Celeste Solum are attacked too. They already started a persecution with people on front line first

  8. I was just beginning to know about him and his legacy. I, AM so very saddened that this has come about, especially at this time when Gods people need strong men of faith, that walk it and talk it. In this time of the end, its hard to always know the truth about someone, many preacher’s today are questionable. God bless him in peace and love protecting his family thru this great saddies. I’m so broken hearted.

  9. I will miss him very much. I learned so much from his teaching. He ventured into areas most Christians would not go. He was a great warrior for Christ. May the Lord comfort his family. God bless

  10. I had just heard from him on coast to coast radio show recently and was enjoying his podcast Mathis soul rest in peace with our lord

  11. I just learned today that my brother passed away from his call from charity to start. I’m his brother Nick to start in Tennessee. No one could ask for a better brother and a better human being. He was always so giving to everybody. And it’s very sad day for me God bless all you that he’s touched he’s touched so many

  12. Russ Dizdar was a man of God that firmly believed that the Vaccinations were made to kill millions of people. I STAND with him. These vaccinations were man made.. And You WILL NOT cover up his death by trying to convince the rest of the world that he passed because of covid. People in the United states of America do NOT, and will not comply to the death shot. If I die Jesus thee Christ.will have called me home.


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