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Rust Valley Restorers Season 4 Trailer Review, Release Date, Cast & Story Line


Rust Valley Restorers is all set to release its 4th season. The Canadian series is a documentary that shows all about a car restoration shop. But why the series is titled Rust Valley? Well! This car restoration shop is the home to hundreds of old cars, kind of a very huge garage, located in British Columbia. The first time the show premiered was on 6th December 2018. Since back then, the Rust Valley Restorers is literally restoring the entertainment and distributing happiness.

Rust Valley Restorers is putting all possible efforts and they have successfully made it and received so much love and appreciation from its fans that the show is expecting its 4th season soon. Let me reveal the fact that earlier Rust Valley Restorers was supposed to be a web-based TVTropolis but later it transformed as a cable-TV documentary that is loved by many.

Rust Valley Restorers Season 4 Trailer Review


Rust Valley Restorers was released on 6th December 2018 for the first time on the one and only Netflix. Later on, the documentary telecast on History Canada on 23rd August 2019. The third season has already become a super-duper hit and we know how curiously you all are waiting for the 4th season of the Rust Valley Restorers. Well! We’re here for all of your answers to be revealed.

The third season of the Rust Valley Restorers was aired on 21st August 2020 on Netflix only and it’s not even a week, the show is already touching skies. People are going crazy and now season 3 is trending already. Rust Valley third season is not as long as its first two season. This season has only 6 episodes unlike the longer ones, first season with 8 episodes and the second with 12.

All these three seasons have made an amazing fanbase that people literally wait for every upcoming season of this show. Till now, there are no official dates for the 4th season but yeah, the new season is expected to hit the Netflix once again in 2021. The wait is not that long. More than half of the 2020 is already over.

Rusty Valley, no doubt is a commendable series with the story plot been revolving around a 60-year old hippie, Michael who is fond of cars and the enthusiasm he’s carrying at this age is no less than an inspiration. No matter what’s your age, it’s all about your passion, your craze, your interest. What’s most interesting about Mike is that he is not here to earn money, I mean Rust Valley is not his primary source of income, rather the man is already owning a successful construction company and whatever he earns, he invests here in the old cars and now he’s having Rust Valley. And, as per his calculations, Mike has already invested over 2 millions all in rust and his so called Rust Valley.


  1. I started watching this December 2020. I am hooked. I am finishing S3:E6 right now sadly. I cannot wait until season 4.
    I know it is hard for the people being filmed because its reality so to speak t.v. But I hope for 10 more seasons. I want to take a roadtrip there. ROADTRIP!!!

    • I am hooked as well!
      My son and I watched the 3 seasons in about a week on Netflix and we are here in Cape Town, South Africa! Of course we would love to see these cars in real life as here in Africa we never see anything like this!
      Cannot wait for Season 4!

  2. I also started watching while on vacation in December 2020. Could not stop watching. Ended up watching all episodes that week. Eagerly waiting for Season 4. Reminds me of my grandfathers salvage yard when I was growing up.

  3. Absolutely loved this show, cannot wait till they release season 4 and hopefully their is many more to come after that. One of the best car shows on Netflix or anything for that fact!! Literally binge watched the whole show from start to finish and loved every bit of it.

  4. Love these relics and their handsome sons and so Canadia nna funneeee! You wanna give them a hug but I don’t I could with all the mouse shit involved.
    Hubby and I always give a honk, a wave or a whistle whenever we see a classic and would love to own one from Mike’s collection but it’s so hard to decide on which one right!?
    At first when they promoted the show I can’t say that I was interested because I thought it was just another car show but this is the King Daddy of all of them!! Keep up the laughs just like my old mans humour – I truly catch all of what yer throwing!😆. It’s real and really funny!!
    I’m watching it right now as well as a bunch of reminders to rewatch repeats— cannot wait for next season -don’t you dare cancel this one!

  5. Started watching during cold weather just love it makes me laugh old school is my age can’t wait for the next season He’s so good to his people but he really has to stop buying so funny

  6. This show is one of my favorites. It takes me back to the mid 80’s when i worked in a autobody shop with my best friend. And the kindness that is shown to the customers and employees, makes me wish i worked for Mike and Avery . Hope this goes keeps on going , can’t say enough great things about it !!!!!

  7. My husband and I came across this show on Netflix about a week ago, and were hooked instantly! We have since watched all 3 seasons already! Cannot wait for season 4!

  8. I love this show. I totally understand why Mike has a hard time selling the cars. I’m a restoring guy myself and it’s hard to sell cars you really love. Can’t wait for season 4

  9. My family and myself are anxiously waiting for season 4 to begin. We love the show, and are always entertained. The fact that mike has some many cars sitting on the property I am amazed by the condition of his cars. Mother Nature can be brutal in that region and the cars look good.

    Hoping that mikes son gets more involved in the show. For now we keep watching Reruns!

  10. Came across this last week and couldn’t stop watching. I love the way the show is put together and the cars…. oh the cars are so cool. Here in Namibia we barely see any old wheelers and to restore the ones you can find just costs toooo much. Mike has a very good heart and I’m glad his team supports his dream. Together with Connor & Avery, they sure have a recipe fur success. Can’t wait for S4 to drop.

  11. Yes season 4 of Rust Valley Restorers has to be coming soon. Isn’t it already filmed? This show is great love the cast and the cars.

  12. At first I thought Mike was Dee Snider, lol. Who doesn’t smile every time Avery cackles? I’m all in for Season 4.
    Make it so!

  13. I just LOOOOVE this show – Mike & Avery are great together. Avery’s laugh makes me laugh as well – season 4 can’t come soon enough. Just miss seeing all of the muscle cars that I grew up with on the road. Season 4 please!!!!

  14. Last year we visited Tappen to check out Rust Valley as we are fans of the show. We met Mike Hall.
    He is very nice and just like he is on the show. We really enjoyed meeting him and he let us take pictures with him.
    We are waiting for the next season too.


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