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Saavi ki Savaari 8 May 2023 Written Update


Hello, readers here we are again to entertain you by giving the latest written update on your favorite shows and today we will talk about the. The latest written update on today’s episode of Savi ki Savaari of 8 May 2023. The episode starts with the scene when Dada asks Nityam about Saavi’s health. Manav tells to everyone that she is alright and that soon she will get up to say hi to everyone. Nityam appreciates Manav for cheering up everyone and asking for tea in this situation when he was also even worried about Saavi.

Saavi ki Savaari written update 8 may 2023

Saavi ki Savaari 8 May 2023 Written Update

Manav says Saavi never wants to see that everyone is worrying she just needs everyone’s happiness. Nutan says that Nityam was worried about Saavi and Manav creates a scene after hearing this. Nityam also was about to him but his father took him from there and asked why Manav behave like this to Nityam and what happened between you two.

Saavi ki Savaari written update

Nityam says that I warned Saavi several times that do not take any risk but she did not listen to my words and now she is in this state. His father feels bad for him and also excuses himself for attending a call. Dimpy comes there and meets Saneeta and tells them that she called her. The nurse warns and gives an alert to think again before doing it. She assures her that she will take care of everything. Manav feels bad for Saavi while recalling the way how Nityam treated Saavi. Manav thinks about Saavi that how can she not take care of herself and give others happiness priority first instead of her happiness. He feels bad for Saavi to see the behavior of Nityam towards Saavi and how he treated her. Manav says she does not deserve Nityam and she deserves happiness and he always is with her and he decided to give a love letter to Saavi.

Sangeeta confronts Dimpy that she should this thing or not and asks Dimpy to think about this again. Sangeeta signal to Dimpy who is waiting for Vedika there and Dimpy creates the scene then and offers money to Vedika when Sangeeta tells Vedika that she has to pay money for further treatments. Dimpy asks and pretends to give the treatment to her. On the other hand, Manav gets very excited and happy when he knows that Saavi was conscious and dropped his love letter on the way go to meet Saavi, and Nityam picks up his letter. Nityam was just about the reading the letter before Raksham took it.

Then the scene shifts to Nityam and Saavi.Saavi and Nityam share their feelings what how they feel about each other. Nityam also says to her why she is like this and does not take care of her instead of others and Savi also asks him why he did that is it because of her? He says yes it was all because of her and says you need rest.at the end of the episode, we can see Vedika offering money to the nurse to get more details about Dimpy.


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