Home General News Sahil Killed Sakshi Instagram Id: Delhi Boy Killed Girlfriend Video

Sahil Killed Sakshi Instagram Id: Delhi Boy Killed Girlfriend Video


The cruelty and evil have a face we get to know when this cruelty happened with a minor girl by his boyfriend and shake up the country. Yes, this tragic and horrifying incident happened on 29 May 2023 at Sahihabad Dairy, Delhi where a girl whose name was Sakshi was brutally stabbed by her boyfriend Sahil with Knife repeatedly.

Delhi Boy Killed Girlfriend Video

Sahil Killed Sakshi Instagram Id

This incident was captured on the CCTV camera that Sakshi was stabbed more than 20 times by his boyfriend Sahil and then his head was crushed using a big stone by Sahil. Sakshi was beaten brutally by Sahil in conclusion her intestine swell out from her body.

Sahil Killed Sakshi Instagram Id

Delhi Boy Killed Girlfriend Video

We can see in the CCTV camera that Sahil brutally beat and stabbed Sakshi but no one was helping that girl. People pass through cowardly but no one gets the courage to save her if someone or those people will help Sakshi so she can be saved but people lost their humanity and did not think even once if things that happen to their loved ones what they felt. These things should never happen to anyone but if you see anything like this please inform the police and help them so maybe you can save their life.

According to the reports, Sahil has been arrested and accused of the murder of Sakshi by Delhi police in Bulandshahr district, Uttar Pradesh.

The unfolding events revealed that Sahil actually is not Hindu so this is like the love Jihad case where Sakshi believed that Sahil is Hindu because he disguise as Hindu even though he wearing Kalava in his hands. According to the reports, Sahil and Sakshi were in a relationship and had a bad fight a day before the murder. Sakshi was going to her friend’s son’s birthday party when Sahil stopped her and stabbed her and leave then after he return to check if she was alive then he crushed her head with a big rock.

Sahil made his profile with his different names on the social media platform asĀ  Sahil Khan, Sahil Sarrfaraz, and Sahil Sakshi. His real identity as a Muslim is identified because of one of the videos uploaded on Instagram in which a man walks with a gun and in the background voices says Aur hum, Allah ke Siva Kiska darr Shirk samajhte hai. Shirk, as a concept in Islam, means the sin of idolatry or polytheism (i.e., the deification or worship of anyone or anything besides Allah).

in conclusion, Sahil is arrested but a police investigation is still going on they investigated this case from every angle religious and Love Jihaad angle also. We hope the government will take strict action and punishment Sahil.


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