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Saint Von Colucci Cause Of Death? Canadian Actor Dies At 22


Saint Von Colucci is no more and his death news is running on the news and the internet. He died at the age of 22 years, he was a Canadian actor but mostly known for his 12 times surgeries to look like BTS Jimin. His death news is heartbreaking news for his family, friends and many of his loved ones are expressing their sorrows for his death on social media platforms. This news is making a great buzz on the internet and social media pages. Let us know some more detail related to his death and himself such as what happened to him and the cause of his death in this article, so read continuously.

It is shared that he passed away after undergoing surgeries to look like BTS singer Jimin who is also most popular around the world as one member of the BTS band. He took his last breath on Sunday morning 23 April 2023 at a South Korean hospital and he was suffering from complications of the cosmetic procedures he had a few months ago. He died after developing complications from multiple plastic surgeries.

Canadian actor dies after cosmetic surgeries

He was 22 years old at the time of his death. He died after some hours of developing an infection from the implants due to complications. Scroll down to know more about him.

Canadian Actor Saint Von Colucci Plastic Surgeries

Canadian actor Cause of death

It is shared that he spent around $220,000 on his 12 plastic surgeries to look like the K-pop star Jimin and he was doing this plastic surgery for a streaming network. This surgery incident was done on Saturday night and he died on next morning Sunday. He went into surgery to remove implants from his jaw that he had put in in November 2022. He was working for one of the three big South Korean Entertainment companies as a trainee and he moved from Canada to South Korea in 2019 to get into the music industry.

There are many people who are sharing their reactions to this incident and expressing their sorrows for his death. His sudden death is heartbreaking news for everyone and many of his loved ones expressed their sadness for his loss. Let us talk about Jimin whose complete name was Park Ji-min. He is a singer and dancer from South Korea who carries a massive amount of fans around the world. There is not much information has been shared related to his death. Stay tuned with socialtelecast.com to read more articles on the latest news topics of the daily world.


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