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NCB Arrests Samuel Miranda House Manager Of SSS After Admitting To Drugs Procurement


Today’s article is all about Sushant’s house manager Samuel Miranda, he was born in 1991. By profession, he is a former Indian House Manager. He is in the spotlight after the suicide case of Bollywood actor Sushant Singh Rajput came out publically. At first, the police-reported this case as a suicide case but the actor’s family suited an FIR in Patna. And with the help of Mumbai & Bihar police, it is revealed that there is a chance that he hasn’t committed suicide. There is a chance that it was a planned murder. And that’s the main reason why this case is handled to CBI. Now the case investigation is getting much better and everything that was hidden is not coming out in public.

Samuel Miranda House Manager Of SSS

But we want to tell all our readers that one main suspect which comes out is Samuel Miranda. That’s why we have created this article, to provide you almost information regarding him, which is available. We recommend you all, read this article carefully as it will genuinely help you all in understanding the whole case.

Samuel Miranda was interrogated by Mumbai police but they can’t find out any evidence against him. So they let him free, but police told him that he does not have permission to leave the country as he is suspect behind the death of a Bollywood actor. Further, one person who is also a major suspect is Rhea Chakraborty. It is said that she is involved in irrelevant money transaction with Sushant. The amount exchanged between both of them is 15 crores. We want to inform you all that these two are not suspected there are other peoples as well.

Sushant’s father not only suited FIR against Rhea Chakraborty, but he also filed FIR against Samuel Miranda. After deep investigation, CBI comes to know that Samuel is involved in drug smuggling. And on 5th September 2020, he was arrested by the Narcotics Contro Bureau. If we tell you about the NCB statement, they straightforwardly told that in the case a total of 7 people were arrested, and out of which 3 people are in the remand of the Narcotics Control Bureau.

The three people who are in the remand of NCB are Showik, Samuel, and Zaid. On 5th September 2020, Dipesh Sawant is also in the custody of the police. The whole case was described by the Deputy Director KPS Malhotra to the public. He but clearly said that he has no right to tell the exact truth in public. We want to inform all our readers that Rhea & Showik’s houses were raided on Friday. According to some sources, we have come to know that their smartphones, personal notes were seized by the police officials. Additionally, the officials also found some amount of drugs from Karan & Abbas. Stay tuned with us for the latest updates regarding this case.


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