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Sanjog 28th September 2022 Written Episode Update: Amrita Hugs Chanda


In the latest episode of Sanjog, we watched it start raining cats and dogs and Chanda and Gauri hide under the tent. Gauri came up with an idea and covered the complete tent with plastic. Just then Godess’ idol and they started going to Amrita’s house. Tara is waiting for Chanda and Gauri at her house. Just then they arrived at Amrita’s house and Tara gets elated seeing them. Tara gets excited and tells her mother that Chandani is here. Gauri asks Chanda to get inside. Tara welcomes her and Chanda gives Goddess’ idol to Sanjog 28th September 2022 written update.

Sanjog 28th September 2022 Written Episode Update Amrita Hugs Chanda started going to Amrita's house. Tara is waiting for Chanda and Gauri at her house

At the time when she is giving the idol to Tara, it was about to fall to the ground but Tara handles it. Amrita and Tara welcome Chanda and Gauri into the house when Maasa humiliates them by calling them cheap. Tara takes their idol to Mandirand established it there. Chanda and Gauri pray goddess. But Maasa is not liking them in her house and continuously utters rubbish about them.

Amrita then takes Tara to dry her hair. Gauri on the other hand thought that she finally managed to enter the house. She then thinks that now she has to bring Gopal’s family here as well. Gopal, there is hiding outside the house and thinks that Gauri and Chanda have to spend these 9 days here.

Rajini comes to Gauri and Chanda and asks them to bathe as they are stinking and ruining the atmosphere of their place. Gauri says that she will obey them and just then Maasa asks them to leave. Rajeev, there is waiting for Lakshita when Maasa comes to him and asks how he allows beggars in our place they might be robbers and can harm them.

Rajeev didn’t give attention to Maasa’s words and asks Rajini to keep an eye on them. Meanwhile, Gauri and Chanda come there along with Amrita and Rajeev tried to interrogate her family. Gauri cleverly replies that she and Chanda, Rajeev then asks about their identity cards to know about her husband’s name. Gauri replies that her husband’s name is Gopal and later says Gaurav.

Rajeev again asks for their identity cards but Gauri says that she doesn’t have any kind of ID and that if you still have some doubt we can leave within a moment but Tara says that they aren’t going anywhere. Tune in to Zee TV at 10 PM and watch the complete episode.


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