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Sanjog 10th September 2022 Written Update & Episode Spoilers Alert


In the latest episode of Sanjog, we watched that Amrita and Rajeev are heading home along with their daughter. Amrita says she is sure that everyone must be excited for their daughter. They arrived home but no one welcome them she then asks Manju about Maa Sa, and she informed her that Maa Sa is sleeping due to headache. Rajeev asks Amrita for some rest but Amrita denies and says that our girl should welcome as she is prosperity of our house so she will welcome her by herself and goes inside. Sanjog 9th September 2022 Written Update.

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Just then Alok received a call from his office informed him that tried to find the family stole baby but they caught a robber. He further informed Alok that the criminal has a massive criminal history. Alok gets agreed and the police officers arrest Gopal. Gauri there along with her mother are tensed for Gopal. Gopal’s mother encourages Gauri says that he did all this for us and he will be come back again soon. Gauri says that she will never forget that her Gopal arrested just becuase of her.

Amrita there welcomes her baby and says that they will christned her daughter Tara. Rajeev smiles and he gets agreed with her. They both enter the house and noticed that Maa Sa is frowning at them. Amrita smiles at Tara and tells her that this is your house. She then takes her daughter to the temple and says that she will protect her with all of her strength. Gauri’s daughter named Chanda is crying but she avoids her. Gopal’s mother asks Gauri to look after baby. Gauri grabs the baby in anger and think about Gopal.

Amrita is playing along with her daughter and sings her lullaby for her just then Alok comes there and looks around. He then called by Amrita for veneration. Rajini there is provoking Maa Sa against Amrita. Rajini further says that she started veneration even without informing you. She continues says that you did right thing by not welcoming her daughter. She says that you are losing your hold in this house.

While Rajini is preparing for veneration some trangenders arrived their and started blessing Tara. Rajeev also arrived there and started playing with his daughter. Rajini is continuing instigating Maa Sa against Amrita. Tune in to Zee Tv and watch the complete episode. Stay tuned with Social Telecast for more information and the latest updates.


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