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Sasha Attwood & Jack Grealish Getting Receiving Death Threats Check Reason


Sasha Atwood is openly making headlines these days for her death threats. The famous social media influencer and content creator, who is known to be the girlfriend of famous English football player Jack Grealish, has been in the limelight after revealing that she receives nearly 200 death threats online in a single day. People are curious to know what he has done that he is getting so much hate or what should it be called because getting death threats is not a normal thing and if threats are found in such numbers then it is not a common thing.

Sasha Attwood & Jack Grealish

Attwood said that being a girlfriend of Jack Grealish’s is not an easy thing to deal with because most of the girls hate her just because she is Grealish’s girlfriend and not only this, but she gets hate from 13 or 14 years old girls. Though there is no doubt that Grealish is a heart-throb sports icon whom everyone loves and he is too famous among the youth. According to the reports, Attwood and Grealish are together from the school since the age of 16. In one of her Youtube maker tutorials she opened up about the environment of the internet, she even said that how toxic and bad the environment has become over the internet, and just because of it she has to keep some of her life’s parts away from her online life and said that literally, she is getting around 200 death threats even she does not know why she is getting these.

Talking about her personal life so Sasha Attwood has also known online as Sasha Rebecca is 25 years old model, having a huge fan base on Youtube with around 19000 subscribers where she makes vlogs about beauty tips, makeup tutorials, and her travel as well. Coming to her Instagram so she has a huge figure of followers as she is having more than 50k followers on Instagram. According to her bio, she is personified by a boutique Manchester-based modelling agency.

The scary thing about the threats stated by Attwood, she said that all the hate is coming directly to her and that too online. She said “I daily get such messages in my DM and the strange thing is that the teenagers girls are threatening her saying, “I hope you die’, ‘I hope you get cancer and die’, ‘I hope your whole family die’, ‘I hope the next time when you’re in the car you crash it and die’,” however this is not the first time she is getting much hate and the reason can be, Attwood is ruling over their icon’s heart. She sid


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