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Sasural Simar Ka 2 17th July 2021 Today’s Episode Update: Badi Maa Points Gun At Simar


As you all know that the second season of Sasural Simar Ka is turning dramatic with the daily episodes, and as the makers of the show are trying their best to make the story more interesting to watch their hard work is getting succeed. As we all have watched that Vivaan and Reema finally got married and now both are standing at the door of Vivaan’s house, where Geetanjali Devi is too angry and has lost her cool, she takes her rifle out of the almirah and loads to shoot. She says that people have forgotten what she used to be and now they should know that I’m still that one Geetanjali Devi who used to rule everything.

Sasural Simar Ka 2 17th July 2021 Today's Episode Update: Badi Maa Points Gun At Simar

The episode begins with, Vivaan has been held outside the door by Geetanjali Devi’s guards, Simar comes running there but they also hold her there, Gajendra and Aarav both request Badi Maa to stop whatever is going on. Simar there manages to escape from the grip of guards, She goes in front of Reema and covers her to save her from Geetanjali’s anger as she is aiming the gun towards Reema. Geetanjali Devi pulls the trigger suddenly Aarav pushes the gun up and the bullets hit the chandelier, the chandelier falls down on the floor in front of Simar and she got injured on her hand.

Everyone is shocked and somehow injured as well. Geetanjali Devi gets furious at Aarav saying how dare he touch her gun. She yells saying that recently she got jibe by someone who said that the new generation of Oswal’s does not know to respect their elders and values, Aarav says Badi Maa… she stops him saying she does not want any clarification on this. Sandhya there also stops Aarav from saying anything as Badi Maa is angry.

Vivaan gets himself free somehow and rushes towards Geetanjali Devi, he begs her to at least listen to him first and after that, he won’t say a single word and will accept every punishment from her. Badi Maa shouts at him saying what is still left to hear, she yells at him saying he ran away from the wedding and tied the knot with someone from the road, the wedding is not just a doll play, but it’s all about the values of family. She says that she is too annoyed because her both grandson Aarav and Vivaan have broken her trust. She taunts him, well the episode ends with a too shocking twist so don’t forget to watch it tonight at the right time.


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